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Midlife Crisis in Canvas : Week 6

Updated on June 27, 2016

NSW 90 kg Champ. Mauricio the Black Belt

DOMS and Poms ruining my week

Midlife Crisis in Canvas : Week 6

Day 36

I trained hard this morning. It is the only thing that seems too be fending off the cold once I wake up. I stretch during the rest periods of my work out. It keeps me distracted from the cold and also shortens the workout by 15 minutes. Its easy to focus on diaphragmatic breathing when you can see its misty results in the cold morning air.

I began compiling a list of the techniques that I have been taught. The useful thing about doing this is to structure my training better and it serves as a good reminder on what I should work on next time I roll. Over a month into the journey and I am beginning to notice certain techniques that work. Like pick up lines I land some a lot better than I land others. I intend to use this list and regularly audit not only techniques learnt, but those revised, revisited and refined in tuition and execution on the mat.

I did the midday Mona Vale class. As usual there were only a few people there. It was all white belts and the Professor Mauricio. We worked on escaping from side control. The rolling at the end had me rolling with Mauricio. Although I did not get caught as often it was clear at the end that I did not take the opportunity to jump into his guard, which he admonished me on later. In future when I am rolling with a senior belt I will look to try and execute techniques and not remain defensive. Rolling with a senior belt of his status is a rare privilege and an opportunity to learn. Otherwise its like skydiving with your eyes closed – what’s the point?

Caught up with my sister. It had been a while. Although I would normally be anxious about such a catch up I noticed that a combination of fatigue and calm had removed said angst. The catch up went well although I found myself talking about things that normally make me very angry. I dwelled a lot on this on my way home from the city. I was troubled but not seething. I was also much more aware that these were just feelings that would go away by the time I trained again.

Day 37

Went to the UFC gym to train with Dave today. Turns out I have to be a member to train there with him so it will be a while until I head back. We worked through some techniques as a farewell party in the grappling area.

Dave focused on an arm bar and an ommnoplata. Both important techniques to learn from ones back. As I had another session of pain with Craig that afternoon I was more than aware that learning to fight exhausted would be a handy skill to have. I told Dave I sent a list of techniques I have worked on. He committed to revising it and planning my training accordingly.

I got to Craig for our weights session at 4 pm. I lightly boxed and hit the rowing machine for 20 minutes to warm up. This session was no less hard than the last. By the end I could not breath and my legs were shaking. Either he is a sadist or I am a masochist. The Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is going to be a killer.

I am in a very grey mood. Pensive would be the best way to describe it. I know things are getting better and I have a sense of purpose but sometimes, just like overloading on the squat rack, you begin to shake when you insist on holding the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Day 38

Carefully awoke this morning as I was waiting for the DOMS to kick in from yesterday. Surprisingly they were conspicuously absent. I was stiff to be sure but not feeling like I had been hobbled like James Caan in “Misery”.

For the first time since the court battles I had my son unsupervised today. All day. Highlights included Ben chasing rabbits, Ben chasing seagulls, Ben chasing ducks, Ben fighting with a very large drake (read: male duck) for possession of his Cornetto. In fact, any flora and fauna nearby my son generally got a good working over. Most importantly he laughed a lot. I can only hope that this remains a fixture – as of yet I have no transparency with this system.

I went to the Mona Vale Gym that night. It was a good turn out and all my favourite rolling partners were there. Troystump, Geordie of the Blue Gi, Marc the Yank and Fabio … the most beautiful Brazo in the Cosmos. We worked on a sweep and then a technique that I have no idea what to call

I began rolling with Aaron the brown belt who was visiting form L.A. Aaron had rolled with Eddie Bravo and as a result I felt one degree of separation from greatness. I fared pretty well as he eased his way into it. He also was great at debriefing me afterwards. Araon comes across as a keen and capable teacher. He showed me a new choke, the Bravo choke.. was a bit full of myself by the time I rolled with Troy with a mission to bravo choke him. Plans went astray as Troy proceeded to beat me all ends up. Once again back in my place I shook hands with all the guys and left in a much better mood than I arrived.

People kept referring to someone called Jean Jaques. I didn’t know French were big into Jiu Jitsu.

Day 39

Turns out Jean Jaques in the head of the Machado clan and Eddie Bravo’s mentor. There you go…

Back to back days with Ben. This is a first. Ben ran to me as soon as he saw me. I just admit that my body is feeling a little tender at the moment as it is 48 hours after heavy session with Craig and a solid session last night and the last two mornings.

Part of my new cardio routine was apparently is running around Fox studios with Ben on my shoulders for half an hour. We climbed and ran and threw balls and rocks. The two hours flew buy and Monkey Mania was only brought up once. I promised him next week we would go together.

I gingerly headed to Mona Vale that night. I knew Jack was running the training. I really wanted to get into his head about some of the movement aspects of BJJ that were a little lost on me. Jack is a bigger bloke, like me , and we get along. His wrestling back ground is also an expertise I wanted to tap as I feel he may have some techniques for me to adopt in my game planning.

Did he what. It was only Jack and me so had over an hour to throw out questions and revise techniques.,

  • Breaking posture of opponent in guard (double grab of collar)
  • Escaping guard pass
  • Breaking guard crawling backwards
  • Torro pass (see Mendez brothers)
  • Stacking and Passing under legs (like Randy Couture)

One of the things we did was examine a lot of the warm up techniques for movement functionality. I realised that I had been bridging with the incorrect emphasis on muscle groups and foot placement. That simple correction was worth the trip down.

I watched Australian movie “Mystery Road”. It reminded me of the validity of some of the projects I am working on. It also was essentially thrown to me by Tim to study the lead character and his brooding nature. An impressive script and great cinematography. Also a whose who of Australian film in the cast … which sort of ruined your ability to suspend disbelief that this was a country town Unless that country town was hosting the AFTA's

Day 40

I was on the move consistently today. So much so I left my Ray Bans on the bus. A morning session with Craig was legs, legs, back shoulders and legs workout. As I am preparing for a fight scene with Igor in the movie “Vessles” I spent 40 minutes working the on my boxing and kicking. It gets a good sweat going and improves my coordination. My flexibility was better but still sub standard and this was particularly apparent in kicking. Craig hit a session that was atypically tough. I struggled through it but did notice some improvements. The DOMS have disappeared so the pain is less discomfort and more blood filling the muscles. “Good” pain as it is known. I felt tired but energised when I

I caught up with my sons Godfather in Bondi. Rob was a Special Forces officer and an old friend. I t was great to see him. We talked. Rob was over in the US working and was about to become a father of a daughter. I could only smile at the irony as I had spent many a night at pubs watching Rob prey on someone eles daughter in his leather pants.

I saw Dave prior to open mats and we discussed training. He seems triple booked at the moment. As the state finals are on this weekend he may be difficult to pin down for a session. I went to a supplement store in Bondi Junction for the first time since the journey began. In a couple of weeks I will begin taking supplements as I ramp up training inesity. I am fit but need to go another level to be “athlete fit”. Supplements will help but I was careful to start the journey without them as it was to be lifestyle based.

Day 41-42

A rest day. Wallabies lost series 3-0 to England. I caught a bastard of a head and chest cold from Ben and spent most of Sunday in bed. Nothing to see here.

A shout out to Mona Vale Sensei Marucio Cavicchini. He won state championship in his weight class at black belt. I’m in good hands. Also found out some grading is coming at the end of July. I will need to nail down some training partner to roll outside classes.


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