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Miguel Cotto's Pink Socks Fall To Mayweather

Updated on May 7, 2012

No Pink Socks But Doing Cotto Yoga

photo by jeannieves on the Flickr
photo by jeannieves on the Flickr

Boxing In Pink Socks Failed Cotto

Why does Miguel Cotto wear pink? Say what you want about Floyd Mayweather's public life outside of boxing, but when he steps in the ring he does it like no other. Miguel Cotto put up a decent fight in his knee-high pink socks, but in the end it was just another in the win column for Mayweather Jr and the Money Team. Justin Beiber made a surprise appearance accompanying Mayweather to the ring because with 7 current titles even 50 Cent couldn't carry all the belts. Make it 8 title belts now that he defeated WBA super light middleweight champion Miguel Cotto pink socks and all.

Floyd Mayweather entered the ring in a fashionable leather boxing setup. Red leather shorts and a crazy spiked vest that looked like something you might see in a Michael Jackson Thriller video. There were comments from the ringside announcers that the leather might weigh him down in later rounds due to sweat, but you could have put a weighted vest on Mayweather and he still would have knocked around Cotto. Now, there were some good moments in the fight for Cotto despite the fact that he sometimes looked like he was dancing around in those pink socks rather than boxing in a fight. I guess as a former Ring No. 1 he can do what he wants and he didn't really look to get too tired by the end, so faulty footwork may be forgiven. Regardless, it didn't matter as Mayweather showed boxing fans exactly why he is undefeated and now 43-0. After a disappointing early end to the last fight via Ortiz not protecting himself (note: Cotto did hit Floyd with a shot when he wasn't ready it looked like, but it didn't hurt him) Mayweather moved effortlessly around the ring like no other. Making use of space that other boxers don't even know is there he ducked and dodged Cotto's arsenal of punches. So much of the fight he backed up on the ropes as if to get in to position to show us the Mayweather style that so many try to emulate but never quite get right. He leans back on the ropes to get an angle and then reflects punches off of his shoulder that might knock a lesser rival out.

I don't know if Cotto is just in touch with his feminine side or what but the knee pink socks did not bring victory. Nevertheless, it was a decent showing and he is still at the top of the boxing elite. There should be some good matchups ahead for both Cotto and Mayweather and hopefully even a rematch at some point. Of course everyone will be calling for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight and that definitely would be the ideal matchup if Freddie Roach can negotiate things properly. Cotto should ditch the pink socks, pink gloves (Ebay or something) and the rest of it for whoever he fights next. He might have been trying too hard to look good rather than to fight like a true Ring King. If you're trying to take 7 belts from the champion, leave the pinks socks for the ring girls.


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