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Mike Leach got fired as Texas Tech Football Coach

Updated on December 31, 2009

I heard that Mike Leach got fired from his job as a football coach for the Texas Tech Red Raider, all because some wimpy spoil rich kid with a silver spoon in his mouth cry out for his daddy, who work for ESPN, the minute he got into trouble with Mike Leach and the name of theat spoil rich kid is James Adams. I don't know what the problem with those kid nowaday since they have thing that I never have like cell phone.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Mike Leach and I don't hate the rich. After all I feel sorry for Mike Leach since he have to deal with the player. As for the rich, I don't hate the rich because they have more money in their money than most people in a year, the problem that I have is that the some people regardless of their income have the made the mistake of spoil their kid. Giving them thing that they didn't earn.

I am not against the rich, the middile class, of the poor since they have four things in common. Namily those four.

1. They have to eat 2. They have to sleep 3. They have to die sooner or later 4. All of them have it own set of problem

One, everyone have to eat in order to survived. Even the homeless.

Two, we have to laid down and go to sleep.

Three, no one is immune to death and the worst part is that we cannot take our procession with us when we died.

As for the forth one, like one writer once said, Each plateau have it own set of problem" The rich have it set of problem just as the poor and middle class.

The rich have to hire bodyguard in order to protect themselves, paid insurance for their yacht and their limo so that it will not get stolen nor damages. They are concerned with their own health as well and some oft them have to spend their wealth to regain their health. Take a long look at Ronald Reagan and Christopher Reeve for example, they have the money to buy the best doctor in the world and neither of them could not bring them here. Ronald Reagan was told that he have to suffered Alzheimer before his death in 2004 and Christopher Reeve have to deal with paralyzed from the neck down.

The baby

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I hate to admit it but even the rich have problem with their own kid and not just for the parent of the Menendez Brothers who have to deal with them before they killed their parent all because they were afraid that they have to work for the living.

In 1987, my mother told her relatives that some rich man who son have sold one of his store because he can buy cocaine and that is when she said about the children, which is "The richer they are, the worst it gonna to get."

How did you feel about Mike Leach getting fired from his job?

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