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Mini Fishing Rod

Updated on September 8, 2012

 If you are not a serious angler, then mini pocket pen fishing rod is a good choice for you.It´s very small you can take it anywhere and catch fish anywhere you want.It´s a great travel fishing rod and does not need any space.

Is it a good travel fishing rod?

It seems so, because the idea of mini fishing rod and reel is to stay in the car and sometimes cast the lure.It is small,it is cheap and it will bring you some fish.It´s very good when you go to travel trough your country/state and see a river or lake and then take a brake and fish.I would recommend some lures for mini fishing rod and reel, one is mepps aglia and the second is blue fox vibrax, those lures are small and good for many fish species.If you are planing to go traveling don´t doubt and buy yourself a mini fishing rod and reel.You should also buy some small crankbaits and few spinnerbaits.It´s a buy you will not regret.Why not try a mini fishing rod?It´s cheap, so if it will suck you don´t lose much.It ain´t the best telescopic rod, but not the worse either

Mini fishing rod and reel
Mini fishing rod and reel

Problems begin...

First tip i will give you is, DO NOT use large and heavy jerk lures with mini fishing rods, they will break your mini fishing rod.Use only little crankbaits or you can use small spinnerbaits if you like.Next problem with mini fishing rod is it´s fishing line, if you change your fishing line to braid then lure will fly longer and it will not brake that easily.Then there is the strength of the rod, which they say is is only 4lb, but i have caught a 4.6 lb pike with that, so i think it´s about 5 lb, but I'm not so sure.Reel also isn´t the best, but it will to it´s job.If you compare mini fishing rod pen to other telescopic fishing rods, then you must admit that for it´s prize it is quite good.


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