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Minnesota Adventure: In Search of Herring to Use in My Recipes

Updated on February 16, 2016

Where do Herring Grow?

It started the other day. A few of us were musing about where we could procure fresh herring. Sure, we could start with our local grocery store, but we were more interested in getting our hands dirty and maybe riding in a big boat of some sort.

And, yes, they do grow in Lake Superior. There is a shop just north of Duluth, called Kendall's that has been smoking fish from Lake Superior for a lot of years and they do a great job, but today, some how that seems too boring. Too close to home. I'd rather check out some ocean type charter.

You know. A Fishing charter. Do they have one for fishing for Herring? What kind of environment does herring grow in? Salt water? Fresh water? A River?

Or should I give up and just buy a salmon from the store? [Sigh]

Judith M Fishing and Cruises on 2107 Herring Way in Ocean City, Maryland. This fishing charter offers a fishing cruise.

Upon reading the reviews, sometimes one thinks that the general public is certainly ridiculous. They seem to spend a lot of time complaining. My impression, after being on another boat on the ocean:

Getting seasick is a given. You're on a boat. You're used to being on solid land. You may get sick. So. Didn't catch a fish. Well. Maybe you didn't fish right. We don't always catch a fish when we fish in a fish house either. Better bring pizza to cook in the oven. Or cut some cheese and eat with crackers. Fishing involves LUCK. There are no guarantees.

Smoked Fish

There Are Fishing Charter Videos


How About You

Have you ever gone on a Herring Cruise for fishing?

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