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Mir VS Carwin! UFC 111!

Updated on April 16, 2012

UfC 111 holds one of the best fighting cards of the year With GSP, defending his title against Dan Hardey, and Frank Mir against Shane Carwin, for the interim heavy weight tittle. .Mir is enthusiastic to fight Shane, stating that the bout between the two would be a “phenomenal match up.” Both guys match up very well and it will be a very good fight. Carwin is a very strong heavyweight with knockout power. He is 6’1”, 265lbs, and he will prove two be a hand full fore Frank Mir.

Mir has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has also trained in kenpo karate and muay thai, kick-boxing. Mir’s strong point is on the ground, where he can submit anybody at will. Frank Mir doesn’t want two just make you tap, he wants two take your limbs home with him. At just 30 years old Mir has won the heavyweight champion-ship title two times and has won four of his last five fights. Sense lousing to Brock Lasner at UFC 100, Frank has re grouped and put on the necessary muscle so that he can regain the heavy weight title. For Mir, Carwin presents a very similar style matches up as did Lesnar and to many, this is a clash pitting Carwin’s brute power against Mir’s superior technique.

Carwin has just recently stepped into the UFC in 2008, but he has turned many heads very quickly. Carwin has defeated some top contenders in the heavy weight division, with wins over Christian Wellisch, Neil Wain, and Gabriel Gonzaga. Carwin is undefeated and he has knocked out all 3 fighters with in the first round. Carwin is also a former national Wrestling champion with explosive hands, which have one shoot knock out power. If Carwin wants two win this fight, then he needs two keep this fight standing.

The Heavy weight division has many good fighters looking fore a title shoot, but few will get it. Many top fighters are waiting for Brock Lasner two returns from a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract. Brock Lasner is the king of the heavy weight division and he is currently holding the heavyweight title. Lesnar has proven to be one of the UFC’s biggest pay-per-view draws and marketable stars. But in his absence, the UFC put together two key match ups to clear up the heavyweight title picture rather quickly. The first is Frank Mir VS Shane Carwin, and the other match up is Velasquez VS Nogueira. The Two Winners Of those fights will be placed as the lead contenders against Brock. For more UFC 111 information visit UFC 111!.Also check out MMA NEWS! to get all the latest fight facts


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