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Mister Twister G-Grub For Big Walleye!

Updated on June 30, 2012

For those of you that fish for Walleye, you are probably already aware that jigging with a curly tail or flat tail grub is one of the most productive ways to land quality fish. What you didn't know is that there may actually be an improvement to the classic curly tail grub design, in the form of the Mister Twister G-Grub. This soft bait combines the attributes of the classic grub, with the profile of a swimming leech or scurrying shiner.

Rather than restricting the swimming action to simply the tail of the bait, the G-Grub extends the movement across the entire length of the bait, providing a unique and tantalizing presentation. The design already creates extreme vibration underwater; however, the bait has a built in rattle cavity, where a 3mm rattle can be inserted.

I've used this bait to land quality Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass, but where it's most effective, is landing lunker sized Walleyes. I've found that Yellow & Black are two of my favorite colors; however, the Brown & Silver versions are also very effective when trying to mimic specific prey like crayfish & minnows. The baits are available in 2, 3, and 4 inch sizes and are available in 12 or more colors.

Mister Twister G-Grub
Mister Twister G-Grub


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