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Mixed Martial Arts Gear | Martial Arts Goods for Martial Art Training

Updated on April 26, 2015

Mixed Martial Arts Gear-Martial Arts Goods for Martial Arts Training

Martial arts goods and mixed martial arts gear for Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Doe, Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu, MMA mixed martial art training and self defense programs is worn and used by martial arts students around the world.

Like any sport having the proper gear for martial arts training can play an important roll to the overall conditioning and exercising of everyday training. Martial arts gear, training equipment and clothing for self defense programs should to be related to the style of training, the skill level of the artist and the proper fitting size for adult trainers or youth trainees.

Each style of self defense requires special martial arts training supplies to help sharpen the skills and performance of the art and also to provide comfort while training in the gym or dojo.

Every martial art student understands the importance of having the proper equipment to improve their appearance, skill level and achievements while training on a daily basis.

Speed Bags and Kicking Bags

Speed bags and kicking bags are used to help improve the speed and performance skills needed during sparring or competition events. These are some of the common bags found in most dojo or gyms for increasing the eye / hand contact or the leg / body contacting abilities.

Heavy Bags and Weights

Heavy bags and weights are used for strengthening. Advanced martial art training can consist of adding power to the techniques delivered. The heavy bag can be used for striking and kicking in combination and is a perfect tool for the intermediate to advanced workout. 

Weights are used by many sports fitness programs to increase strength of the body. Using weights along with other training methods increases strength and stamina are used with the proper lifting guidelines to minimize damage to the muscles. 

Shoes and Gloves

Some forms of martial art require the use of shoes or gloves during a workout. Protection of the feet and hands is important to ensure safety and comfort while performing affective workouts and training exercises. 

Belts and Uniforms

Belts and uniforms for training and working out while at home or in the gym. These are designed for ease of flexibility while performing difficult moves associated with the art form.  

Shin Pads and Athletic Bandage

Protection of legs, shins and arms may be necessary for sparring and training. Wrapping joints before an injury occurs can prevent painful sprains or strains during a vigorous workout. Protection equipment is especially important for the novice student learning the forms needed to master his or her martial art sport.   


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    • profile image

      The warrior 6 years ago

      I wanted to ad that more then just martial arts shoes are required to train. It is also important to have good running shoes and important to remember that they should be replaced every 500- 1000 miles.