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Mixed Martial Arts VS Cage fighting

Updated on January 19, 2015

MMA VS cagefighting

Mixed Martial Arts...

A sport loved by many, but only a few brave men and women ever participate in this great athletic sport. The reason may be because it is considered as one of the toughest sports to partake in. You have to put your body through grulling exercises daily, that puts tremedous strain on it. The athletes that partake in MMA are trained in various forms of martial arts. Brazilian Ju jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai... The list can go on and on. And properly the most deciding factor is the size of your... Guts. Yes Guts, you need a lot of guts to partake in MMA. Because lets face it, getting punched, kicked, kneed and elbowed in the face isn't for everyone. And not to meniton the fact that 4 oz gloves don't really help when a right cross connects with face. But is their really a difference between MMA and Cagefighting? Or is the term Cagefighting just slang created by people who think that all these athletes are, are people who fight in a cage like animals.

The origin of MMA can be traced back centuries and a hundred refrences will properly be found, each one giving a different history of MMA. Where in actual fact the term MMA was first used in 1993 by a critic, by the name of Howard Rosenberg. That however is not the origin of Mixed Martial Arts. the orgin could be traced to Brazil, where in the 1920s events where held called Vale Tudo or anything goes. in these events anything really did go, like MMA today fighters would start standing and would fight wherever the fight took them. Could that be where MMA was born? Or was it the legendary and properly the greatist martial artist of all time, Bruce Lee who was the father of MMA. Yes the one and only Bruce Lee. He found the discipline Jeet Kune Do. A discipline where like MMA, you train to fight anywhere the fight can take place. Bruce Lee himself said that Boxers are good at Boxing and Wrestlers good at Wrestling. But how would a boxer do against a wrestler? He said that the best Martial Artist is an artist that can box like a boxer and wrestler like a wrestler and fight anywhere. But no matter what the history or the true orgin of MMA is, the fact remains that MMA is one of the greatests sports of our time.

Cagefightings history however is not so unknown. Cagefigting was big in the eighties and nineties. Men would get into a square cage, that in some cases was electrified, and fight. In most cases till the death. People placed betts and all they wanted to see was blood. Cagefighting was very ilegal and it was an underground, blackmarket, affair. So what are the simmilarities between MMA and Cagefighting? Both take palce in a ring made out of mesh. One is an Octogan and one is a square. And well that's basically it. Since there are more rules in MMA than most other sports. Cagefigting had no rules. Mixed Martial Artists fight until there is a winner, but the well being of the fighters is the most important aspect of the sport. Whereas in Cagefighting, they fought to the death. So even though there are so few simmilarities, a lot of people still refer to MMA as Cagefighting, why is that?

Mixed Martial Artists are athletes who train very hard for the sport they partake in. Where Cagefighters were men with no morals and who weren't athletes. Therefor Mixed Martial Artists are not Cagefighters.


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