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Mizuno Wave Creation Running Shoe Review

Updated on March 31, 2011

Ventilated Insole of Mizuno Wave Creation

Why I love the Mizuno Wave Creation

The Mizuno Wave Creation is a great shoe for neutral runners and those with high arches. The wave running shoes by Mizuno have a flexible plate that absorbs shock and guides the foot in the right direction while running.

1. The Mizuno Wave Creation does what Nike Shox do in theory. The heel of the Wave Creation is flexible and bouncy to absorb shock and to provide maximum amount of cushion. The difference between the Wave Creation and the Shox is that the Mizuno shoes have exceptional quality and are designed in the Runner’s best interest. (sorry to dog on Nike Shox but the Mizuno really works)

2. The arch support in the Wave Creation is extremely comfortable for those Runners who like a snug fit in the arch. The arch contour of the insole is very comfortable and allows for a more custom fit feel in the shoe. The design of the shoe also provides support in the middle of the foot with the reinforced design on the fabric upper of the shoe. Mizuno smoothly incorporates the materials of the logo into the support of the shoe for a snug fit. If you are flat-footed and need stability and added support please see my review on the Brooks Adrenaline below.

3. The forefoot of the Mizuno Wave Creation has added cushion for the front of the shoe. The cushion adds additional shock-absorption. The ‘wave plate’ in the shoe begins in the heel and extends through the front of the shoe. This plate guides the foot in the right direction and absorbs shock in the front of the shoe as well as the heel for maximum comfort. Not all shoes have added support in the front of the shoe. This is one feature that will separate ‘better’ running shoes from ‘best’ running shoes and it shows in the price of the shoe.

4. Like all of the Mizuno running shoes, the breathable mesh allows for maximum air circulation to keep a Runner’s feet cool. The mesh material is also comfortable for those who may have a wider forefoot since it does not feel constricting. The insole of the shoe is also ventilated, see picture. This helps with air circulation.

Like always, I have to include tips on getting Mizuno running shoes on sale. First tip is do shop online. If you have a pair you know fits, buy online. The chances are that your size if more available online and in different colors. Last season’s colors are almost always on sale as the next edition of a shoe is released or this season’s colors are revealed. Don’t let color be such a big deal. If you can save $30-50 it is probably more important than the color if you are looking to save money.

The best places to find discount running shoes quickly can be in the mall where you can shop multiple retailers in the same day. This will allow you to quickly compare prices. Find a mall with many stores that will sell your brand. Not all sports stores have every brand, especially for the better running shoes.


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    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      The Mizuno wave creation series feature the best cushion as compare to Asics Kayano series. But the bad point is that the shoes sole bounce to year and tear very fast after two marathon.