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Soccer Star Breakthroughs, A Video Diary

Updated on May 16, 2013

David Beckham

Starting on the obvious. This delightful half-way line strike ensured that we all remember the name of David Beckham. Luckily for him his career went quite well after this and he is not only known for one good strike.


Little was truly known by the wider public of the ever-smiling Brazilian, but after this strike everyone in England, at least, knew who Ronaldinho was.

Roberto Carlos

Another Brazilian with an amazing strike. This thunderbolt "Banana Kick" against France in 1997 made Roberto Carlos go from relatively unknown to the name on everyone's lips.

Luis Ronaldo

A hat-trick of Brazilians now and with this amazing run and finish Ronaldo propelled himself into football god status, and will be forever remembered as one of the greatest strikers of all time.

Wayne Rooney

With this fantastic strike at only 16 years old, he made sure we all remembered the name:- Wayne Rooney!

René Higuita

Two videos this time. One made this exuberant Goalkeeper infamous and the other is rated as the best/craziest save ever made in professional football.

Diego Maradona

Another double now. This game made Diego Maradona one of the most hated football villains in English football history, but he also scored one of the most revered goals of all-time.

Lionel Messi

Just like his pre-decesser Maradona, Lionel Messi became knowledge of the wider footballing world with a fantastic dribble past most of his opposition, and applying an adept finish at the end.

John Barnes

This sublime individual effort made sure that John Barnes would remain in the minds of many football fans for years to come.


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