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Monte Carlo Grand Masters Tennis Tournament

Updated on February 28, 2009

First Championship in 1897

With the ATP tennis champtionship series upon us I thought I would do a little research and share with you a little history for the up coming games.

The first championship to be held in Monte Carlo was back in 1897 and with the abolition of distinction between professional and amateur the games came to be known as Open in 1968.

Male Professional Players

Monte Carlo tennis Masters is a tournament for male professional tennis players. It is played on a clay court and is held once a year in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, near Monte Carlo and Monaco in France. It forms part of the nine tournaments that make up the Association of Tennis Professionals which are held annually throughout Europe and North America: Indian Wells Masters, Miami Masters, Monte Carlo Masters, Rome Masters, Hamburg Masters, Canada Masters, Cincinnati Masters, Madrid Masters, & Paris Masters. These games are compulsory for male professional tennis players. This series of tournaments earn players more world ranking points than other tournaments, apart from the 4 Grand Slams. Results are decided by the best of three sets.

Anyone for tennis?
Anyone for tennis?

ATP Series

The ATP series was first introduced in 1990 when it was known as the "Championship Series, Single Week" events. From 1996 – 1999 it was known as the Mercedez Benz Super 9. In 2002 it’s name changed again to Tennis Masters Series (TMS) this name change lasted until 2004 when it was changed to ATP. Not to be outdone it’s name is going to be changed again in 2009 to Masters 1000. This number after the name will refer to the number of ranking points to be won.

Favourite to Win the 2008 Championships

For the last two years, this year’s favourite to win Roger Federer has been runner up losing to Rafael Nadal on both occasions in 2007 by 6-4, 6-4 and in 2006 by 6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 7-6

He looks to be playing well so far this year and has won all of his matches so far. So here’s looking to a wonderful season of tennis.

Enjoy some of these


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