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The most amazing Moroccan Mountains

Updated on April 16, 2016

Toubkal Mountains

Toubkal or Tubkal is a mountain peak in southwestern Morocco, located in the Toubkal National Park. At 4,167 metres (13,671 ft), it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and in North Africa. It is an ultra prominent peak located 63 km south of the city of Marrakesh, and is a popular destination for climbers.

The M'Goun mountain

The M’Goun Mountain is a part of the High Atlas range, and rises in the heart of the Souss-Massa-Draa province. East of Marrakech and the Toubkal National Park, the M’Goun rises up to 4068 m in altitude. Get off the beaten track and cross this stunning region from north to south, to come face to face with the Berber tribes that live here. The preserved charm of its little villages and the splendours of its great mountain spaces are sure to leave unforgettable memories in their wake.

Bou Iblane Mountain

Mount Bou Iblan or Jbel Bou Iblane is a mountain of the FES-MEKNES region of Morocco. Its altitude is 3,081 m.It is located in the Middle Atlas near the Refuge de Taffert, Taounate Province. There was a heavy snowstorm in the area of the mountain in 2009. This summit is one of the favourite destinations for hikers in the Atlas Mountains region.

Ayachi Mountain

Jbel Ayachi is one of the highest mountains in North Africa, and anchors the Eastern High Atlas in central Morocco. Jbel Ayachi rises to a height of 3,757 m above sea level.

The Tidirhine Mountain

The Tidirhine is the highest mountain of the Rif Range. It is an ultra-prominent peak that rises above the town of Ketama, now known as Issaguen, in an area known for the hospitality of the local Berber people, as well as for cannabis cultivation. It is located 320 km to the north of Morocco's geographical centre and 232 km northeast of the capital Rabat.

Ouanoukrim Mountain

Ouanoukrim is a mountain in Morocco located south of Marrakesh. It has two summits, Timzguida (4,089 m or 13,415 ft) and Ras Ouanoukrim (4,083 m or 13,396 ft) which are the second and third highest peaks of the Atlas range.

Kelti mountain

Jebel Kelti is about 1912 metres high. It is located between Tetouan and Chefchaouen in the Tangier-Tétouan region of Morocco. It is a good panoramic lookout of the region and can be seen from Spain as it is below Ceuta. It has a small summit area and steep sides.

Mousa Mountain

Jebel Moussa, meaning Mount Moses in English, is the name given to a mountain in the northernmost part of Morocco on the African side of the Strait of Gibraltar. It is part of the Rif mountain chain. The mountain is generally identified as the southern Pillar of Hercules.


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