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Bizarre Moments Inside a Boxing Ring

Updated on January 9, 2016

Boxing is the manly art of self defense

Riddick Bowe and Andrew Golota wage war in the ring. The two boxers fought twice with Golota losing by DQ in both bouts.
Riddick Bowe and Andrew Golota wage war in the ring. The two boxers fought twice with Golota losing by DQ in both bouts. | Source
Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield on the ear.
Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield on the ear. | Source
The Tale of the Tape for Muhammad Ali VS Sonny Liston for Liston's Heavyweight title.
The Tale of the Tape for Muhammad Ali VS Sonny Liston for Liston's Heavyweight title. | Source


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Odd Moments in the Squared Circle

1. Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson 2 (1997) The Real Deal beat on Tyson in the rematch for the first round. In the second Holyfield stunned Tyson and cut his eye with an accidental head butt. The third round was wild. First Tyson lands some good body and head shots then he snapped. Iron Mike bit Holyfield on the ear and had two points taken away. When the bout resumed Tyson bit Evander on the other ear, which resulted in him being disqualified.

2. Riddick Bowe vs Andrew Golota 1 (1996) Bowe was out boxed and out fought by the Polish born Golota for most of the fight. The only problem was that Golota constantly hit Bowe behind the head(rabbit punches) and most famously about 15 low blows. In the 7th round Golota landed an uppercut to Bowe's groin and the ref stopped the match. After the bout Bowe's corner attacked Golota, Trainer Lou Duva had a heart attack and in the audience a riot ensued.

3. Richard Grant vs James Butler (2001) Grant won a clear but hard fought decision over The Harlem Hammer with jabs and movement. After the decision was announced in Grant's favor Butler, who had his gloves already off, approached Grant who in turn reached his right arm out to embrace. Not to be as Butler sucker punched Grant with his gloves off and the right hand was a bomb to say the least. Grant suffered a broken jaw, several cuts and a lacerated tongue from the tragic event. Butler went to prison. Even worse was the fact that it was a charity event for 9/11 victims.

4. Riddick Bowe Vs Elijah Tillery 1 (1991) Big Daddy Bowe put Tillery down with a left hook near the end of the first. Tillery got up and fought back. After the bell ended the first Bowe landed a late punch. Tillery then kicked Bowe three times while retreating to the ropes. As Riddick launched a big right hand, Bowe's manager Rock Newman choked Tillery from behind and pulled him over the top rope and out of the ring. Tillery was disqualified for kicking.

5. Oleg Maskaev vs. Hasim Rahman (2001) The two heavyweights fought on even terms for most of the bout with Maskaev taking a slight lead on the cards. In the 8th round Maskaev landed two big rights that appeared to stun the Rock. Rahman moved along with his back to the ropes and Oleg unleashed a home run right hand. The shot hit Rahman on the chin and he fell through the ropes and landed on the floor outside the ring. As he fell out of the ring he hit the announcers table and Commentator Jim Lampley had to jump out of the way while commentating on it live in the moment.

6. Lennox Lewis vs. Oliver McCall 2 (1997) Lewis used his long jab to keep a safe distance and sweep the first three rounds. When round 3 ended McCall wondered around the ring and went to the wrong corner. In the fourth round Mccall threw only three punches and constantly stuck his head out with his hands down. Lewis looked confused but still landed some big rights to a troubled looking Atomic Bull. After the 4th ended Referee Mills Lane asked Oliver if he wanted to fight and McCall said yes. Before the fifth started McCall is crying in the corner and then he walks out with his hands down. McCall did not throw one shot in this round. He walked with his hands at his sides and Lewis landed a few left rights to the head and Lane called off the event. McCall seemed to have a mental breakdown during the match.

7. Nate Campbell vs. Robbie Peden (2004) Campbell was fighting even with Peden after four rounds of solid two way action.In the fifth round Campbell stuns Peden badly and now only has to finish his foe. Campbell sticks his head out and then his tongue to taunt his stricken opponent. Peden leaps in with a humongous left hook that Campbell did not see. The galaxy warrior was counted out and he is lucky he kept his tongue.

8. Evander Holyfield vs. Riddick Bowe 2 (1993) Holyfield was fighting a rematch against Bowe and trying to regain the heavyweight title in Vegas. Bowe won the first round and even hurt The Real Deal with a right hand. Holyfield took the second round with good footwork and good combinations. The third and fourth rounds were close rounds with Holyfield busier but Bowe landing harder shots. After the 4th round they traded after the bell for ten seconds resulting in two small cuts on Bowe's eyes. Evander hurt Bowe at the bell ending the fifth stanza. The sixth was a close round but then the seventh round came and in came the Fan Man as he was called. A man with a motorized backpack landed on the ring ropes and got tangled up in them. Bowe had security nearby who beat the assailant. Action did not resume until twenty minutes later. Bizarre as it gets. Holyfield and Bowe began and Holyfield won four of the next five rounds in my eyes anyway. Holyfield regained his championship in a weird one.

9. Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston 1 (1964) Ali fought as the underdog for the heavyweight crown against Sonny Liston. Ali dominated Liston with speed of hand and foot for four rounds. In the fifth round some sort of ointment or perhaps illegal substance got into Ali's eyes from Sonny's gloves. Ali began blinking and backpedaling. He took some hard leather from Liston as he held on and moved trying to clear his eyes. He survived the stanza and in the sixth he took more punishment for about one minute. All of a sudden Ali's eyes cleared up and he got on his toes and started to pepper Liston with punches. At the end of round six both of Liston's eyes were swelling up and he was bleeding. Liston quit on his stool and Ali became the heavyweight king.

10. Kostya Tszyu vs. Zab Judah (2001) Super Judah easily took the first round by using his speed to land several quick and hard combinations. In the second round of the fight Judah steps back with his hands slightly out of position and Kostya leaps in with a hard strait right followed by an even bigger right as he seemed to leap toward Zab. Zab went down and got up at four but fell back down so Referee Jay Nady called the fight off cause of the double knockdown. Zab snapped by throwing his corner stool at the ref. Then he actually approached the official and choked him with his glove. At which point police and his corner had to restrain him. He was fined 75,000 and his boxing license was suspended for six months for the incident.

Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield on both ears!!

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Riddick Bowe and Elijah Tillery Wild Brawl

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Wyatt Earp, the famed old west lawman actually refereed a heavyweight championship match and tried to wear his two pistols into the ring.

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