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Most Disappointing NBA Teams

Updated on February 20, 2015

It’s now time to analyze the most disappointing NBA teams so far this season:


2013-2014 NBA Season: 37-45 (0.451)

2014-2015 NBA Season: 10-43 (0.189)

The Knicks are just having a terrible season and everything seems to be going wrong for them. They’ve had multiple injuries and they tried to stick to the triangle offense when they don’t have the appropriate players at all, leading to the worst start in franchise history and a reconstruction year with multiple trades in which they just gave away players waiting for the free agent market next summer. They didn’t have one of the best rosters in the NBA at all, but the New York Knicks should be fighting for those last Playoff spots in the Eastern Conference. With such an awful season, the only good news is some young players like Galloway or Tim Hardaway Jr. have been able to step up and prove they could be valuable for this team in the future, and the record they’ve got has allowed Carmelo Anthony to have knee surgery and sit out for the rest of the season, hoping to completely recover from that injury.


2013-2014 NBA Season: 44-38 (0.537)

2014-2015 NBA Season: 21-31 (0.404)

The Brooklyn Nets had a decent start of the season but they’re really struggling lately and have dropped to the 9th spot in the Eastern Conference. They’ve had several injuries and have constantly been involved in trade rumours, but the Nets are talented enough to make their way into the postseason (I believe they should be fighting for the 6th spot in the East). Lionel Hollins doesn’t seem to find the right rotation that could allow them to be competitive, but at least injuries have allowed them to get great contribution from guys like Jarrett Jack and Mason Plumlee. Good news for them is they belong to the Eastern Conference and are just 1 game behind the 7th and 8th spot (they would be done for the season in the loaded West), so they still have a pretty good chance of clinching a Playoff spot (although their postseason run is bound to be short).


2013-2014 NBA Season: 56-26 (0.683)

2014-2015 NBA Season: 21-33 (0.389)

It’s been a tough season for the Indiana Pacers thus far: they lost Lance Stephenson in the off-season when he signed for the Charlotte Hornets, they’ve played without their superstar Paul George and some key players like David West or George Hill missed several games to start the season off. However, that shouldn’t be an excuse because they’re a much better team than their record shows and have enough talent (both offensive and defensive) to clinch a Playoff spot (let’s not forget they won 56 games and were the #1 team in the East last year). Fortunately for them, they belong to the Eastern Conference and are still within striking distance. And, apparently, Paul George is cleared to return to game action in March, so that might be the spark they need to make a run and get to the postseason.


2013-2014 NBA Season: 54-28 (0.659)

2014-2015 NBA Season: 22-30 (0.423)

I perfectly understand it’s not easy to lose the best player in today’s game in LeBron James, but the Miami Heat are still talented enough and I believe they should have a much better record. Their two main players in Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade have missed some games due to injuries, but the Heat should be fighting for those 4th- to- 6th spots. With both Wade and Bosh staying healthy and Hassan Whiteside’s explosion, they’re likely to make a push in the second part of the regular season but it’ll be real hard for them to get further than the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference.


2013-2014 NBA Season: 59-23 (0.720)

2014-2015 NBA Season: 28-25 (0.528)

The Oklahoma City Thunder struggles have mainly been due to their superstars’ injuries to start this season off (3-12 without them), but after making a push when they came back on the court that got them to .500 around the 30-game mark, they’ve been unable to sustain that and be consistent. However, both Durant and Westbrook seem to be finding their rhythm and the team is starting to roll. They’ll still have to fight with both the Suns and the Pelicans for that 8th and final playoff spot in the Western Conference, but I believe the Thunder will be the one to make it. The bad news for them is there’s no way they’ll get further than that 8th spot because of how far they’re from the rest of the playoff teams in the West so they’ll have to deal with no home court advantage throughout the entire Playoffs, but we all know what they’re capable of and there’s no question OKC will be a dangerous team for anybody in the postseason.


2013-2014 NBA Season: 37-45 (0.439)

2014-2015 NBA Season: 20-33 (0.377)

Although the Denver Nuggets’ record is not much worse than their last year’s, I do believe that roster is talented enough to be fighting for those last playoff spots in the West. They’ve had multiple injuries during the last two NBA seasons, but they’ve never been able to be consistent and let’s not forget they set a franchise-record 57 wins (and an NBA-record 38 home wins) a couple of years ago. The difference with the East teams like Indiana or Brooklyn is they belong to the Western Conference so they’re done for the season, that’s why they’re focusing on trades just a few hours away from the trade deadline.


2013-2014 NBA Season: 40-42 (0.488)

2014-2015 NBA Season: 11-42 (0.208)

The Minnesota Timberwolves had to make some adjustments in summer after Kevin Love left the team headed to Cleveland, but I do believe they looked good to start the season out and have just been devastated by injuries, with their three main players in Pekovic, Martin and Rubio missing most of the season. That allowed young players like Wiggins or Georguie Dieng to step up, get some more playing time and shine, but we’ve seen that the team can get some wins with all the players back on the court. They’re obviously done for the season, but the Wolves have a great group of talented young players to build a team from that has the potential to be successful in the near future.

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