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Most Overrated Players currently in Sports

Updated on June 19, 2013

Robert Griffin III

Former Baylor QB RG3 will be the starting QB for the Washington Redskins this upcoming season and even though he hasn't even received a snap in the NFL people are saying and even believing he is the next best thing. People need to know the NFL is alot tougher than Collage and RG3 will be nothing great in the NFL he will just be a below average QB who people and ESPN and NFL Network analyst make seem great. All RG3 is, is just a track star trying to be an NFL QB.

Alex Rodriguez

When you look at A-Rod's Career stats such as home runs, he has over 640 as of June of 2012 Which is good for 5TH on the all time list Which would make most think he is one of the great's. Baring all of that this guy never comes up in the clutch and is sure to hit into a double play or strike out in a big spot of the game. The only time he showed a glimmer of clutchness was in the 2009 Postseason when The Yankees won the World Series.

Micheal Vick

Micheal Vick is just a fragile injury prone overrated football player not to mention his bad character For fighting, hanging, electrocuting, drowning, and shooting dogs. Micheal Vick only played a full season one time in his career and will definitely be in for more injuries this year just like last year because he is a punt returner playing QB.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady didn't get to where he got without a little help from the referees or a lot. Tom Brady might not even have been the starter in the 2002 season if it wan't for the so-called "Tuck Rule" in the 2001 Divisional Playoffs, if they leave that as a fumble which it was, brady would have been thought of as a choker instead of "Captain Clutch" and Drew Bledsoe would have probably been the Patriots starter in the the next season. Tom has been very lucky and another thing that makes him look a lot better than he is obviously is his top flight offensive line who gives him enough time to have a steak-dinner back there when guys like Ben Rothisburger are getting hit all the time.

LeBron James

The so called or should I say self proclaimed "King James" is a great player and in the opinion of most including my self he is the best active player in The NBA but the overrated part comes in when people talk about him being the best of all time, He is NO Micheal Jordan, he not only doesn't have the rings Micheal Jordan has but more importantly he doesn't have the heart he is just not Micheal Jordan. Micheal Jordan would drop 45 in a close Finals game and then hit the walk off shot, but just about every time James drops 45 it's a blow out game and they aren't clutch points.

Cam Newton

I never heard a quarterback talked so highly about who leads his team to a 6-10 record and throws 17 int's in a season. When a network like ESPN or NFL network shows the highlights of a panthers game they will only show good thing's he did. For example he will through 4 int's but have one nice run, They won't show the int's or even talk about them, but they'll have a full hour Sports Center Special dissecting his run and talking about his talents.

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