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Most Underrated Point Guard In The 1990s

Updated on March 11, 2014

Perhaps under-appreciated to the max

Between the team's two most recent dynasties, the showtime Lakers of the 1980s and the millennium Lakers of 2000s, there was the transition Lakers of the early to mid 1990s. This was a period in time when the L.A. Lakers were not so rich in glory, but still an enticing bunch to watch.

Upon Magic johnson's sudden retirement in late 1991, the laker squad eventually found a replacement, filling the void at the point guard position.

Anonymous to many as a former member of Philadelphia 76ers and Seattle Supersonics before donning the famous purple and gold uniform. Luck was the charm on the 3rd go for Sedale Threatt. Sedale Threatt had emerged for the Lakers and the Lakers were saved from heading to obscurity.

Obtaining the entertainment value and some dignity along the way

Threatt met an ageing core that has seen better years, with the ball grasped firmly in his hands, the gifted point guard dazzled with scintillating plays on one side and managed to retain the famous showtime glitz of the old on the other, and above all spearheaded the proud franchise into playoff contention for two straight seasons as their designated driver, until being demoted from the starting line-up in favour of rookie Nick van excel in 1993-94 season.

The M.V.P of the Lakers from the 1992 and 1993 seasons

Top 10 among point guards in both scoring, (lead Lakers with an average of 15 ppg) and field goal % (shot 50% from the floor, placing him second behind Kenny Smith of Houston Rockets) in his best statistical season ticking back to the 1992-93 season.

Threatt's versatility and lack of needing to dominate the ball to influence a game are reasons to think so highly of him. When ever the Lakers were in the brink of defeat, Sedale was the man to weave his magic, and bail them out. None came more crucial than catapulting the Lakers to the '92 Playoffs by pouring a jumper with just 2 seconds left in the last game of the regular season against Portland Trailblazers. Ultimately, reminding everyone in some form of a certain Laker legend.

Clearly cemented himself as the top Laker over notable names, such as James Worthy, Byron Scott, Sam Perkins and Vlade Divac.

Nick Van Excel the one time All-Star and successor to Sedale Threatt had been regarded as the superior player by many, in terms of pure talent.

Overall numbers/Performance in crunch time suggests otherwise

Nick Van Excel -

Season - Team - Reg. season - FG % - Playoffs - FG %

1994-95 - L.A.L - 16.9 ppg - 42 % - 20.0 ppg - 41 %

1995-96 - L.A.L - 14.9 ppg - 41 % - 11.8 ppg - 29 %

1996-97 - L.A.L - 15.3 ppg - 40 % - 14.4 ppg - 37 %

1997-98 - L.A.L - 13.8 ppg - 41 % - 11.6 ppg - 33 %

2001-02 - DEN - 21.4 ppg - 40 %


2001-02 - DAL - 13.2 ppg - 41 % - 11.1 ppg - 36.6 %

Sedale Threatt -

Season - Team - Reg. Season - FG % - Playoffs - FG %

1988-89 - Sea - 8.6 ppg - 49 % - 12.0 ppg - 47 %

1990-91 - Sea - 12.7 ppg - 51 % - 14.6 ppg - 53 %

1991-92 - L.A.L - 15.1 ppg - 48 % - 14.8 ppg - 52 %

1992-93 - L.A.L - 15.1 ppg - 50 % - 18.0 ppg - 43 %

Sedale Threatt showcased how severely undervalued he was next to a premier point guard. In the NBA particularly, players can be overlooked, style tends to trump over substance.

Where Sedale Threatt's legacy ought to stand

By no means Threatt's impact on the basketball court entitles hall of fame talks, however, to down rank him at a level of a fine role player is absurd.

Sedale Threatt should forever hold a special place in the hearts of Laker fans for managing to keep the transition Lakers afloat through those dark years, including the vital stages, where he often shined profusely. It's a testament to the sort of player exuding greatness, which reaffirms Sedale's status belonging at a high quality level; right amongst the top 10 greatest point guards in the decade of the 1990s.

Unselfishness was the contributing factor derailing Sedale Threatt from producing 'All-Star' figures, because he only spoke winning basketball above anything else.



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