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How to Assemble a Motor Bike?

Updated on March 4, 2016
Craan profile image

She's a children's author who loves to travel the speed record way! A Motorbike is great for short trips! Would you ride one?

Motorized Bikes on the Market

A Motor Bike is an Efficient Way to Travel
A Motor Bike is an Efficient Way to Travel | Source

Are you looking for an economical way to travel locally that can save you heaps of money on gasoline? Look, no further, a motorized bicycle is just what you need! It's a consumer savvy and super economical.

A Motorized Bicycle Is a Bike with a Motor.

A motorized bicycle is a regular bike that has an attached motor used to control the bike automatically or used to assist with the dreaded fatigue of your firm pedaling. The high cost of a motorbike is typically no more than a thousand dollars, making it highly affordable for ordinary folks who prefer not to own or drive a costly car.

With a motorized bicycle, you'll be able to move up to speeds of forty miles an hour and get up to 180 miles to a gallon of gas. Locally, you'll be clever to grocery shop and easily travel to a friend’s home, and even take in the scenery of a magnificent park. Motorized bicycles are steady on the road and are relatively safe. The best part is you don't need a license or a registration to drive a motorbike nor costly motorist’s insurance.

A Motor Bike is Not a Motorcycle.

It is a hybrid of the first motorbikes that was later developed for the design for a motorcycle. It is a motorbike that has a distinctive motor kit attached to it on the body of the bike. The concept of a motorbike has been around since the late nineteenth century.

A motor bike does not produce much pollution. This makes a motorbike a haven for the natural environment by reducing greenhouse emissions. It is a green alternative to driving a bulky car. On a warm, sunny day, it is refreshing to drive down a narrow road and have a refreshing breeze blow through your hair. Kids love motor bikes. It is a pleasant outing to hitch a couple of family motor bikes to your mini trailer and go on a camping trip. The motor bike will absorb the ups and downs of winding mountain roads and make traveling across a snap in a scenic forest. The motor bikes steady construction and cheap-fuel economy make is the first way to travel when on a camping vacation.

Mountain Bikes and Tricycles are Easy to Build.

Mountain bikes, beach cruisers, and tricycles are fairly easy to motorize. Their rugged constructive design makes installing the motor bike kit effortless to adhere.

You can simply buy a single kit that can easily be installed to create a motorized bicycle. You won't need to pedal a bike anymore and working up a fret! You will get to your destination in a jiffy without breaking out a sweat. This motor bicycle kit is straightforward and is an added gadget to your bicycle.

American Motor Bike Kit is manufacturing a top-notch EZ Motor Bike and is selling them like hot cakes through at a fairly reasonable price. They design their bicycle motor kit and hand-built it through the plan of the world's land speed holder of a motorized bicycle, the world-renowned Lee Quinton Guenther. Mister Guenther is a mechanical engineer by trade, and a professional bike racer. His formidable motor bike construction, engineering makes his motor bike model rugged, solid, and dependable with little routine failure. The only one of its kind is what you get, when you order your motor bike kit or motor bicycle from

Racing motor bicycles are an up-and-coming sport. Motor bikes now have their own race tracks, and anyone can show up to watch a motorbike race. These races are popping all over the country as a new teenage sport in popular states such as Florida, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles. You must wear a helmet and have the drive to win a bike race! Most spectators will get a thrill from watching a bicycle motor race and may even place a bet on your motor bike. Who knows you may, notwithstanding win a valuable prize?

Ease of Use on Your Legs

In nations where automobiles are quite expensive and gasoline fuel scarce, a motorized bicycle is the best way to go from place to place. Many people prefer riding a motorbike because of their ease of use and minimal need of maintenance. Roads don’t get congested with large automobiles and gasoline emissions when a society makes full use of motor bicycles.

Converting bicycles or tricycles into motor bikes are hugely popular among people with physical disabilities. A motorbike is a vital assistance in helping disabled persons with leg injuries or arthritis suffers with mobility issues. It helps these people live independently by assisting them in doing everyday tasks like grocery shopping, and visiting family and friends.

It Must Have a Flashlight Too, If You Plan to Drive at Night.

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© 2010 Sheila Craan


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  • ghomefitness profile image

    ghomefitness 6 years ago from Chicago,IL

    It looks like a fun way to get around.

  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 6 years ago from Florida

    Thank you Ghomefitness! It definitely is a superb way to get around in the neighborhood and super economical too.

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