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Muay thai: A sport or an exercise for women?

Updated on August 10, 2016

Why Muay thai?

I've been struggling for many years if I'm willing to try this kind of stuff. I also read a lot of reviews about it and I found out (personally) that it has a lot of benefits for women:

Here are some of them:


Addicting in the sense of POSITIVE ADDICTION to HEALTH. Once you tried it, you'll be satisfied! At first I'm thinking to try boxing. Yes! It is a little bit kind of boyish stuff. But, it's no harm in trying. But then, I got bored of punching and punching. So I decided to try MUAY THAI! Yes! Eventually, I shifted because I thought that it is "double power" and yes, it was "FULL POWER". You move not only your arms and knuckles but also you move with all of your body strength.

I remember once I tried it. I stayed 3 hours in the gym and eventually loving it. So it became my routine. Very addicting!

TWO: TONED BODY (especially arms and thighs)

I tried different kinds of exercising and sports to be my fitness goal. But I'm a little bit lazy to see the results. It's like waiting for Christmas every day. With Muay Thai, you are enjoying, you are perspiring, you are getting fit. It is all-in-one package, gurls! You will see the results eventually. Promise, you will love your big arms getting toned and your whole body getting back to shape. You'll really love it.


And because you burned so many calories, you have an extra space for FOOD! Diet is not a problem with muay thai because even you eat a lot and you exercise regularly, you will not be afraid to be back in a BIG ball of yourself. Muay Thai is a high intensity training combination of an exercise and a good sport!

I hope you would gave a try on this hot stuff. If you have more questions regarding this topic, you can always ask me. :) And maybe one day, we can meet each other on my favorite gym! See yah, gurls! Punch and kick your ass for fitness!



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