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Mucilin Fly Floatant

Updated on March 18, 2011

Every fly fishermen needs to have a good fly floatant in there vest, especially if you are a dry fly fishermen. There are some purists out there who poo-poo the idea of using floatant but I digress. I have been using the Mucilin brand of fly floatant for twenty years and haven't noticed any problem with fish turning there nose up at a fly that has it on it.

Now I have tried almost every floatant around you can think of and so far I have found that I like the Mucilin brand of fly floatant or fly dope the very best because it is a paste that applies very easily. Most of the fly dope available on the market is a liquid that doesnt seem to last very long.

Mucilin comes in a small "tin" (actually it's plastic, but you get the idea) of paste that you simply apply to the fly as needed. I have found it lasts far longer than any of the liquid floatants.

How To Use Mucilin

You only need to use Muclin, or any fly floatant, when fishing with dry flies that need to stay on the surface of the water. There are a few key points in mind when applying floatant to your fly.

First you need to gently squeeze the fly to remove any excess water, it helps if you have a paper towel tucked away in your vest to help dry the fly. You can also do a couple of false casts to help get water off.

Rub a little of the Mucilin onto your finger and thumb as you do not need a lot of it to be effective! It is a paste like material and a little goes a long way.

Gently rub the Mucilin onto the fly, you especially want to get it onto the hackle where it will help keep the fly afloat the most.Make sure the hackle doesn't stick together.

Remember to use the fly floatant sparingly, you do not need a lot to keep the fly floating on water. Do not smash the hackle down either, you want it to look as natural as possible so avoid leaving any chunks of floatant on the fly.

You may also want to invest in a small fly comb that you can use to comb the hackle of the fly to keep it straight and prevent them from sticking together after applying the floatant.

Mucilin In Action


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      Lois 3 years ago

      up we have a fishpond Chest Pack. You can see my write ups on it HERE I liked the pack but again, I've moved on to using a sling pack that suits me btteer.