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Mummified Sailor Found Near Philippines

Updated on March 19, 2016

On February 25 two men fishing off the coast of Barobo in the Southeast Philippines discovered what they thought was a derelict vessel. Badly listing and with a broken mast they cautiously boarded the partially flooded Jeanneau and down below discovered the mummified remains of Manfred Fritz Bajorat, 59, a German sailor who had not been seen since 2009.

Taking the 40-foot boat under tow, they brought it into the town break wall and radioed police, who were able to identify Mr. Bajorat from photo albums and other paperwork found on board. “It’s still a mystery to us,” stated Barabo Police Inspector Mark Navales. “The man was found seated at a desk in the radio room, slumped over on his arm like he was sleeping.”

Although personal items and food in the yacht were scattered about, this is consistent with a drifting boat at sea. There is no evidence of foul play, and a local doctor believes that he died of natural causes. His exact time of death has not been determined.

Originally from the Ruhr region of Germany Manfred Bajorat had been cruising the world aboard his Jeanneau Sun Magic 44, Sayo, with his wife Claudia for the past 20-years; and continued to sail after his marriage ended in 2008.

Though unclear what killed Mr. Bajorat dry, salty ocean winds and hot temperatures helped preserve and mummify his body. Friends have described him as a romantic who loved his family, and loved the sea.

As of this posting the German Embassy of the Philippines has made no comment on this matter. Mr. Bajorat’s daughter has been found and will be traveling to Barobo to collect her father’s remains.


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    • Hanzamfafa profile image

      Mike Leal 22 months ago from London

      Thanks for sharing this story. Let's pray for the poor man's soul.