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Quality Musky Baits - That Won't Break The Bank!

Updated on March 31, 2013
Musky Mania's - Jake
Musky Mania's - Jake

Let's face it... lure manufacturers charge an arm and a leg for their baits and lures these days, so it pays to do a little research to get the most bang for your buck. I prefer to spend my hard earned money on baits that will both stand the test of time and put fish in the boat. And when it comes to big Pike & Musky, I've found (what I consider) to be the premier lure company -

This is a great little lure company, part of the "Drifter Tackle Network." I've fallen in love with them for a number of reasons, the first being obvious... they catch fish. But my affection goes far beyond that.

  • I like the features and pronounced actions of the Ernie & Jake lures. The Ernie is deep-diving 6" crankbait, that can dive to depths in excess of 20 feet, when properly tuned. I can't tell you how many large Pike & Musky I've caught on this plug, simply because it was one of only a few baits that was able to get down to the depths where the big ones lurk. The Jake is a lure that has amazingly wide side-to-side action, that I've found drive big fish wild. It's a shallow diver, so it's best in early spring and late fall - but I've caught them all year on this baby.
  • These baits are built to last, with quality hardware. They are made of high-impact plastics with amazingly sharp treble hooks that do more than their part to land big fish. That's important when you're dealing with predators like Pike & Musky, the top predators in freshwater bodies of water.

Record Musky - Caught On Drifter Tackle/Musky Mania Product
Record Musky - Caught On Drifter Tackle/Musky Mania Product
  • There is an almost endless array of colors and patterns that are available for both Ernies & Jakes, that I find particularly appealing (and so do the fish). They have both holographic patterns, traditional paint jobs, as well as custom designs.
  • They are also one of the few major lure manufactures who make all of their lures in-house, all residing within the United States of America


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