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My 2010 Undisputed College Football National Champions

Updated on February 19, 2011

Explaining My Playoff System

 With the college football season over with and now that recruiting season is over as well.  I thought I would go and take a look back at this year's college football season.  Just like there is a need for healthcare reform in America, college football is in need of a post season reform.  First off I am all for a playoff system in college football.  It couldn't possibly hurt the game at all and for those who would say that the playoff system is the regular season give me a break.  No disrespect to the two teams that squared off in the BCS Title Game (Auburn and Oregon) but there were other teams that had a great year as well no matter if had one or two losses.  College football does not reward teams for getting better throughout the season, like Wisconsin or Stanford who finished the season with one loss or a Virginia Tech team that dropped its first two games only to go on a 11 game winning streak on there way to a ACC title. 

The college football bowl system is rewarding mediocrity.  There 120 teams in FBS and 70 teams go to bowl games, that is over half of college teams get to go to a bowl game.  You really don't have to have that good of a season to go to a bowl game.  For example, UTEP which took on BYU in the New Mexico Bowl on 12/18/10.  The Miners came into the game losing 5 out of there last 6 games to finished the season (6-6) and got blow out by a mediocre BYU team 52-24.  So there are too many unnecessary bowl games being played in the first place.  Another flaw of the bowl system is that a non bcs conference team has no shot at a national title.  They might climb as high as #3 but that is about it.  The other flaw of the bowl system is the long lay in between teams have before they play in the major bowl games.  For instance in this year's title matchup with Auburn and Oregon.  It was a 36 day lay off between the time that both teams played a game and it showed during the game.  Especially with both offense who were virtually unstoppable during the regular season.  When a team has long lay off like that you don't know how they will respond.  Another example of too long of a lay off was in the 2007 BCS Title Game between Florida and Ohio State which Florida totally dominated winning 41-14.  Even though you can attribute that Florida had lot to do with the domination of Ohio State.  But the Buckeyes had a 51 day lay off before the faced the Gators.  They didn't look anything like they did in the regular season. 

Many people have came up with there own format of a college football playoff system.  Some want a plus one game where there is one more game after the bcs bowls are played.  But that wouldn't help in my opinion.  Others say that let's have a 4-team playoff.  That also wouldn't work cause you will always leave somebody out.  Then you have your 8 or 16 team playoff proposals which are a little more reasonable.  I have my own format that I have devised and it's pretty simple.  The teams that have the best season during the regular season get to go to the playoffs.  Whether that being that you win your conference or you may not have won your conference and just lost one or two games, you can get an at large bid.  There can be any number of teams making my college football playoffs from 8 to 16 teams with 16 teams being the most that can be selected.  It sounds complicated but it really isn't.  Just because you win your conference doesn't mean you would get to go to the playoffs, however.  For example, Connecticut who won the Big East this year would not be in the college football playoffs.  They didn't really beat anybody and they also lost 4 games.  They would still go to a bowl game but they wouldn't play in the college football playoffs.

I would still keep the bowl games for a playoff system.  I would start the bowl games a little more earlier than they are so teams don't have such a long lay off.  Bowl games would go to the higher seeded team and would be played at what ever bowl that the higher seeded team conference is tied in with.  So with that being said here are my 2010 college football playoff participants.

College Football Bowl Playoff Teams

Auburn Tigers
Auburn Tigers
Oregon Ducks
Oregon Ducks
Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin Badgers
Stanford Cardinal
Stanford Cardinal
TCU Horn Frogs
TCU Horn Frogs
Arkansas Razorbacks
Arkansas Razorbacks
Michigan State Spartans
Michigan State Spartans
Oklahoma Sooners
Oklahoma Sooners
Ohio State Buckeyes
Ohio State Buckeyes
LSU Tigers
LSU Tigers
Nevada Wolfpack
Nevada Wolfpack
Boise State Broncos
Boise State Broncos
Virginia Tech Hokies
Virginia Tech Hokies

2010 College Football Playoff Teams

Automatic Bids

SEC Champ - Auburn (13-0)

Pac 10 Champ - Oregon (12-0)

Big 12 Champ - Oklahoma (11-2)

ACC Champ - Virginia Tech (11-2)

Mt West Champ - TCU (12-0)

At Large Bids

Big Ten - Wisconsin (11-1), Michigan State (11-1), Ohio State (11-1)

Pac 10 - Stanford (11-1)

WAC - Nevada (12-1), Boise State (11-1)

SEC - Arkansas (10-2), LSU (10-2)

Playoff Teams Rankings

1) Auburn (13-0)

2) Oregon (12-0)

3) Wisconsin (11-1)

4) Stanford (11-1)

5) TCU (12-0)

6) Arkansas (10-2)

7) Michigan State (11-1)

8) Ohio State (11-1)

9) Oklahoma (11-2)

10) LSU(10-2)

11) Nevada (12-1)

12) Boise State (11-1)

13) Virginia Tech (11-2)

Bowl Playoff Matchups

Play in Game - 12/11/10 - Las Vegas Bowl - 12) Boise State vs 13) Virginia Tech- winner plays 11) Nevada (12-1) in Fight Hunger Bowl

First Round Matchups

12/18/10 - Fight Hunger Bowl - 11) Nevada (12-1) vs Las Vegas Bowl winner - winner plays Auburn (13-0) in BBVA Compass Bowl

12/18/10 - Poinsetta Bowl - 5) TCU (12-0) vs 6) Arkansas (10-2) - winner plays 4) Stanford (11-1) in Orange Bowl

12/18/10 - Outback Bowl - 7) Michigan State (11-1) vs 8) Oklahoma (11-2) - winner plays 3) Wisconsin (11-1) in Alamo Bowl

12/18/10 - Capital One Bowl - 9) Ohio State (11-1) vs LSU (10-2) - winner plays Oregon (12-0) in Holiday Bowl

Quarterfinals Round

12/26/10 - Cotton Bowl - 1) Auburn (13-0) vs Fight Hunger Bowl winner - winner plays in Sugar Bowl

12/26/10 - Orange Bowl - 4) Stanford (11-1) vs Poinsetta Bowl winner - winner plays in Sugar Bowl

12/26/10 - Alamo Bowl - 3) Wisconsin (11-1) vs Outback Bowl winner - winner plays in Rose Bowl

12/26/10 - Holiday Bowl - 2) Oregon (12-0) vs Capital One Bowl winner - winner plays in Rose Bowl

Semifinals Round

1/8/11 - Sugar Bowl - Cotton Bowl winner vs Orange Bowl winner - winner plays in Fiesta Bowl

1/8/11 - Rose Bowl - Alamo Bowl winner vs Holiday Bowl winner - winner plays in Fiesta Bowl


1/15/11 - National Championship Game, Fiesta Bowl - Sugar Bowl winner vs Rose Bowl winner

Here are my results I came up with by using a playstation systems simulating each game.

Play in Game - Las Vegas Bowl - Virginia Tech 28, Boise State 23

First Round Results

Fight Hunger Bowl - Virginia Tech 30, Nevada 20

Poinsetta Bowl - TCU 24, Arkansas 20

Outback Bowl - Oklahoma 34, Michigan State 20

Capital One Bowl - LSU 23, Ohio State 20

Quarterfinals Results

Cotton Bowl - Auburn 38, Virginia Tech 21

Orange Bowl - Stanford 31, TCU 24

Alamo Bowl - Oklahoma 27, Wisconsin 24

Holiday Bowl - Oregon 21, LSU 20

Semifinals Results

Sugar Bowl - Auburn 33, Stanford 24

Rose Bowl - Oregon 41, Oklahoma 39

National Championship

Fiesta Bowl - Auburn 38, Oregon 24

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me who your national champion would be.


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