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My Bushcraft Hobo Stove

Updated on July 9, 2016
Tramping is fun
Tramping is fun

My Hobo Stove

I was shopping in the dollar store this weekend looking for a notebook for my bushcraft journal and I came across a stainless steel cutlery strainer for $3. I have seen this type of strainer used as a hobo stove on several YouTube videos from around the world. This is my take on the unit.

It is not as tall as the well known stove people have been putting together and not as big around and that suits me fine for my Stanley cook set sits inside just fine. When you are solo camping or have limited space in your day pack, nested cook sets are the way to go.

It was simple to build with some spare parts I had sitting around. All the pieces are stainless steel so they will hold up better in a fire.

My Hobo Stove Collection

Here is the basic set I plan to use except for the BBQ skewer legs and grill yet to be made.
Here is the basic set I plan to use except for the BBQ skewer legs and grill yet to be made. | Source
Here's my stove showing that it takes the Stanley cook set very well
Here's my stove showing that it takes the Stanley cook set very well | Source
Close Up of the stove with the BBQ skewer legs and the opening
Close Up of the stove with the BBQ skewer legs and the opening | Source

Let's Build My Hobo Stove

When I saw this stainless steel cutlery strainer in the dollar store I knew it would be perfect for making a hobo stove out of. I have been looking for one for awhile.

  1. First I cut out the opening for the fire box. I made it small to start as I knew I could always make it bigger if needed. I used a rotary tool with a small cutoff disk. It worked fine.
  2. Next I cut the handles off three stainless steel BBQ skewers I pulled out of the drawer that were purchased years ago and never used. Yah I am a pack rat of sorts.
  3. I cut slots in the bottom edge large enough to slide the cut off handle in and raise my hobo stove off the ground. The legs are adjustable as I can slide them in and out to increase the area on which the stove rests for more stability.
  4. The cut off pieces of BBQ skewer are used to make the grill on top and inside. As the skewers I used were flat and not round , I cut slots in the pieces instead of the lip of My Bushcraft Hobo Stove as a pot holder. I also used a few of the cut off pieces to make a platform inside the stove to support an alcohol burner.
  5. Make slots on the back of the stove opposite the opening to hold more of the cut off pieces and this will be a raised platform for holding BBQ brickets or an alcohol stove like the Trangia.
  6. Lastly after sanding all the sharp edges off the pieces make a bag out of the legs of an old pair of jeans and you have yourself a nice little wood or alcohol fired backpackers or bushcrafters hobo stove; My Bushcraft Hobo Stove.

I keep my Hobo stove in the storage compartment of my SUV. It's there when I need it. I take it out one weekend picnics or long dog walks to brew up a cup of tea or a quick soup when it is chilly. It's good to take a break when you are in the outdoors. I don't have to search far for fuel as I just bun twigs ad sticks I find that are down and dry. The stove sets up easy on a rock or flat piece of ground.

On long car trips I use it to take a break from driving and brew up a cup of coffee. It's more relaxing than going into a coffee shop and cheaper in the long run. It also forces you to get up and move around which is the whole idea of the rest stop.

My next project is an alcohol stove made form a pop can or a "penny stove". This will make my rest stops more convient even if the weather is not the greatest. Stay tuned.

Photo credits

Tramping is fun image source :

All other photos are taken by the author.


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