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My Gatorade Bottle Won't Open!!!

Updated on September 8, 2012

Gatorade is a popular sports drink used by many athletes to replenish vital electrolytes in the body. Unfortunately, there are many complaints that you have to be an athlete to drink the stuff because the bottles are so hard to open. There have been complaints from people with small hands and people with big hands. There have been complaints from the tiniest woman and from the largest men that the bottles are just impossible to open. Below are a few tips to help you open your Gatorade bottle.

One method of loosening a Gatorade bottle is to run the cap under warm or hot water. The warm water will cause the plastic to expand and make the cap easier to open.

Another thing you can try is to tap on the top of the cap with a spoon. This is a popular method that has been used for ages to open stubborn pickle jars.

If that doesn’t work, use a dish towel to gain a better grip in the bottle and cap. Grip the bottle with one hand using the dish towel and grip the cap with the other hand, using a towel. Use the weight of your whole arm to open the bottle.

An alternative to using a dish towel for a better grip is using rubber gloves for a better grip. Rubber gloves may grip a little better than a towel. Look under your sink and see if you have a pair to try on your Gatorade bottle.

An old fashioned nutcracker is also a good tool for opening bottles. Place the Gatorade bottle between your knees and place nutcracker around the cap and turn it with both hands.

If none of these ideas work for you, simply use a knife to puncture the top of the bottle and then pour the Gatorade into a glass.

If you prefer to drink it out of the bottle and continue to have problems with your Gatorade bottles, you may want to consider making the switch to Powerade. Powerade comes in many great flavors and even has a low calorie version, just like Gatorade. Powerade bottles are usually much easier to open the Gatorade and cost about the same price.

A couple of warnings about opening your Gatorade bottle:

Never use your teeth. You can permanently damage or break them.

Don’t over-exert yourself. You may end up with a sprained wrist.

Good luck opening your drink and enjoy!


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