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My Life as a Sports Fan

Updated on November 23, 2017

Daily Life

As a student constantly under the pressures of school and everything students have to deal with, I have always found a release in sports. A time for me to relax and decompress after a stressful school day... SIKE. My life as a sports is probably up there as one of the more stressful and agravating life among sports fans (in the sports hemisphere). I am a Mets, Knicks, Jets, and Rangers fan. Besides the Rangers and the Knicks I picked every team in New York that are considered the little brothers, the underdogs, or just the lovable losers. The Knicks are all those things too, it's just that the Nets aren't all that great either. Usually I have some sporting event to stress over it seems everyday. I'm not only talking about the games, there always seems to be some injury, some controversy, or some other annoyance. As a petty fan, I root against the other New York teams. It's probably how I was raised but whenever I see any Yankee smiling I want to run through the TV and give them a quick punch to the face- not too hard, but hard enough to get my point across. Aaron Judge's hot-streak during the year... wait why would I ever talk about him, he's had enough publicity. I take it personally when ESPN, Fox sports or any other sports channel doesn't talk about my teams. To be honest I feel like they aren't respected enough, but that's another story. That's just how I feel, angry at the success of others, annoyed about not getting enough attention, basically I am the "jealous-type" when it comes to sports.


I've wrote about some of the things I am going to talk about here, in my other article The Life of a New York Mets Fan. What does it feel like to be a New York Mets fan? Think about how it feels to be the little brother to the most popular kid in school. It sucks. The Yankees always seem to be in the playoffs, have superstar after superstar. I’m jealous of the Yankees fans, but I don't let them know that, I always stick up for the Mets, which seems like my daily life during the baseball season, standing up for the little brother. Whenever the Mets are doing better than the Yankees I hear the same thing "talk to me when when you have 27 rings" or "how many rings do the Mets have". To all the Yankees fans heres a little math lesson, yes the Yankees do have 27 championships, but its not a fair comparison to the Mets. Because the Yankees won 20 of their 27 championships before the Mets were a franchise. So really the comparison should be 7:2, not 27:2, so everyone calm down. I still don't really know why I am a Mets fan, because it's easy enough to become a Yankees fan, it must be in my DNA, I guess you could say I bleed orange and blue.


The life of a Jets fan is similar to the Mets fans life. Always defending the underdogs. It seems like the Giants just fall onto championships, like they trip and win a Superbowl. While the Jets can't find a quarterback. Every time a Jets quarterback does well, most Jets fans think this is the one. From Mark Sanchez, to Geno Smith, and even to Ryan Fitzpatrick. It's really annoying, your two rivals the Patriots and Giants, both have hall of fame quarterbacks, while we switch a quarterback it seems yearly. All Jets fans are waiting for the magic to come, and hopefully it comes soon.


The Knicks are a little different than the Mets, the Knicks are the big brother compared to the Nets, but they haven't been a good team for a long time. I haven't really had to defend the Knicks, because there is really not a big contingency of Nets fans. I've fallen in love with many Knicks through the past years, from sharp-shooter Steve Novak, to phenom Jeremy Lin, and now, Kristaps Porzingis. Being a Knicks fan right now is exciting, they are playing as a team, the unicorn is a highlight waiting to happen, it's just fun, now this can all be different in a week, but I'm going to be happy for now.


There's not much to say about the Rangers, they have been in the playoffs it seems almost every year in the past 10 years. For some reason I only watch the Rangers in the playoffs. Because I guess I am just a fan of the underdogs, I want their to be a Hollywood story to games. That's why I guess I pay more attention to the Mets, Knicks and Jets.


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    • Bsyms profile imageAUTHOR


      14 months ago

      What are your favorite teams?


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