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My List Of 4 Great NHL Lengendery Goaltenders

Updated on March 29, 2013

What makes a great goal-tending legend? How did these goalies become legends? many play the goal-tending position, but only a few become NHL Legends. A Goalie is usually the face of the franchise, there is a lot of weight on the goalies shoulders, and goalies are at the fore front of the game. Goalies are smart, quick, and have superb agility, goalies can win you a game or they can louse you a game. goalies to me, are a vital part of hockey and below is my thoughts on some all time NHL Goal tending legends

The Legends

Gerry Cheevers

Tony Esposito

Ron Hextall

Andy moog

Tony Esposito

Hockey teams

Montreal Canadiens
Chicago Black Hawks

Seasons : 1967–1984

Tony Esposito, Tony O is considered that God father of the hockey style the butterfly guard. His brother Phil Esposito who is a center was also a hockey Hall of Famer and had a great NHL career. Tony Esposito was a great goaltender who is a Canadian American, and played on the Montréal Canadians and is mostly known for his great goaltending for the Chicago Blackhawks. Tony is one of the first goalies to utilize the butterfly style. It was almost impossible to score on Tony through the five hole and low corners, the butterfly style is great for stalling low pucks and stopping quick snapshot.

Andy Moog


Edmonton Oilers
Boston Bruins
Dallas Stars
Montreal Canadiens

Seasons 1980–1998

Andy moog is one of the most remembered goalies in Boston Bruins franchise history , he is currently the NHL's Dallas Stars goaltender coach, and he is one of the best players to ever play at the goaltending position. He has played with great players such as Reggie Lemelin and also played on the Canadian national hockey team, moog has won the cup three times and also holds the Jennings trophy for the few total goals against average through the regular season.

Ron Hextall

Season 1984–1999


Philadelphia Flyers
Quebec Nordiques
New York Islanders

Ronald Hextall played 13 NHL seasons, and is inside the Philadelphia flyers hall of fame. Hextall is a Conn Smyth trophy winner, and holds multiple flyer team records. Hextall was the first goalie to ever score a goal, and was known for his phiscole playing and aggressive attitude, that landed him over 100 penalty minutes in first three seasons.

Gerry Cheevers


Toronto Maple Leafs
Boston Bruins

playing career 1956–1980

Gerry Cheevers is very popular in the Boston Bruins franchise NHL History. Gerry Cheevers is part of the Boston bruins hall of fame,and is very famous for his I-conic Goalie Mask.Cheevers helped the bruins to win two Stanley cup championships, one in the 1970 NHL season and one in the 1972 NHL Season.Cheevers was also a fan favriote because of his reputation of a winning goalie, and that he was.

The goalie posation in hockey is extremly importent with out goalies, we dont have hockey. when a NHL Hockey team has a great Lengend on theire side, like the abouve goalies, it is hard to stop that team from wining the stanley cup championship. did i leave your favriote goalie out? tell me about him below


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