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My Little Red Metal Runner Sled | Still USA Amish Made Today

Updated on October 18, 2012
Amish made Rocky Hill Racer Sled
Amish made Rocky Hill Racer Sled

The memories of my little red sled was kept alive years later when Dad brought it out for my kids.

My first introduction to a downhill sledding came totally by surprise one Christmas morning with the most beautiful wooden sled under the Christmas tree. It was just there out in the open with a big red bow.

Where did it come from? It wasn't there when I went to bed, but there it was with shiny metal runners painted in red with a beautiful wooden top.

It must be from Santa Clause declared my parents, with Dad pulling back the curtains to show me the sleigh marks complete with reindeer tracks out in the fresh snow.

Well that pretty much became my focus for the day to get on top of my new red sled and take off down the back hill. In fact my parents had to bundle me up to go outside just for one test run before we could open any more presents.

It wasn't something I really asked for or even dreamed of getting, it was just one of those spontaneous neat things that don’t often come around that you find totally awesome. That is really word which probably never existed back in the 60s, it was probably “cool”, but as I remember that Christmas it is a word that I would still describe it as today as I look through the family album.

That sled held up for years to come and even after I grew out of it dad wisely stored it up in the attic knowing someday his grand kids could enjoy it.

Long forgotten until I returned home to spend one Christmas with my own boys, there it was again all polished up and shinning again for another trip down the back hill. That was probably my second most cherished Christmas with Dad and my family.

Those old wooden sleds are hard to find, most stores only carry plastic sleds or something that is imported that will never last more than a few seasons, and never for another generation.

They are still available all USA made in the Amish communities just like the one I had in the 60s. You can find them at Cottage Craft Works .com along with a lot more of that good old time USA made stuff that you may have totally forgot about.


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    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 5 years ago from Taos, NM

      Beautiful article of your sledding memories and that special Christmas morning. It brought back memories for me also. I, too, received a sled one Christmas - I don't think it was Amish made - but it worked great and I have hours and hours of great times on that sled. It followed me where ever I went until I outgrew it. Then on to the toboggan shoots - I have always loved sledding. I enjoyed reading this. Voted up and shared!