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My 2016 MLB Power Rankings Week 10

Updated on June 13, 2016

MLB Power Ranks

Did you know the MLB draft was last week? Well, it was. It doesn't get the hype that the NFL draft gets and that's because most of these kids are going to spend years in the minors before making an impact in the bigs. A lot of them are high schoolers. Some will sign with a pro club. Others will opt for college ball. Either way that's probably one big reason it isn't as hyped as football. But enough about potential MLB players. Let's get into the current season. On with the rankings!

*Note ~ All stats and records are through Sunday's games.

1. Chicago Cubs (43-18) ~ Jake Arrieta gets all the fanfare but Jon Lester has been putting up numbers that rival the reigning Cy Young Award winner. Lester is fourth in the National League in ERA (1.89 and just .03 behind Jake), fourth in WHIP (0.946 which is slightly better than Arrieta’s 0.954) and tied for ninth in WAR (2.6 slightly behind Arrieta’s 3.0). Everything is coming up Milhouse for the Cubs. (Last Week's Ranking 1)

2. Washington Nationals (39-24) ~ Don't look now but the Nats have won 10 of 13 to move to a season-best 15 games over .500. They've opened up a 4 1/2 game lead on the second place New York Mets. Dusty Baker has given this team the direction it lacked under Matt Williams. (LWR 2)

3. Texas Rangers (39-24) ~ Over the weekend Cole Hamels became the seventh active pitcher to reach 2,000 career strikeouts. He is the 77th member of the club overall and is enjoying a solid season in Texas. The lefty is 6-1 with a 3.14 ERA, 1.27 WHIP and 81 Ks in 83 innings. (LWR 6)

4. Boston Red Sox (36-26) ~ After his start on May 7th, David Price’s ERA was an uncharacteristic 6.75. In his six starts since he has a 2.55 ERA and opponents are hitting just .197 against him. It looks like Price is finally right in Boston. (LWR 3)

5. San Francisco Giants (38-26) ~ Johnny Cueto is back to doing Johnny Cueto things. Signed in the offseason he is thriving out by the Bay. His 2.16 ERA is right in line with the 2.25 he put up in 2014 when he finished second in the Cy Young Award voting. He is also keeping the ball in the park having allowed just three long balls this season after giving up 21 last year and 22 the year before. (LWR 4)

6. Baltimore Orioles (36-26) ~ Mark Trumbo is leading all of baseball with 20 homers but he might lose that crown soon to a teammate. Chris Davis is on a tear, having homered in five straight, boosting his season total to 16. With those two in the middle of the lineup, who do you pitch to? (LWR 5)

7. New York Mets (34-28) ~ Anytime Bartolo Colon is mentioned it warms me up on the inside. Just a bit. Anytime Bartolo Colon sets a record, well, that’s worth mentioning. In his last outing Colon set an MLB record by recording his 259th career at-bat without drawing a walk. That means, Colon has more home runs than walks in his career. Doesn’t that give you all sorts of warm fuzzies too? No? Just me? Oh well. (LWR 7)

8. Cleveland Indians (35-27) ~ After finishing second in last year’s Rookie of the Year award voting, Francisco Lindor is continuing to put up superb numbers for the Indians. The 22-year-old shortstop is slashing an impressive .304/.360/.450 which is right in line with the .313/.353/.482 he flashed in 99 games last year. It looks like Cleveland has a stud in their middle infield for years to come. (LWR 11)

9. Seattle Mariners (34-29) ~ In a fun bit of symmetry the Mariners drafted Ken Griffey Jr's son in the 24th round. Griffey's number 24 will be retired by Seattle this year. (LWR 9)

10. St. Louis Cardinals (35-28) ~ Near the end of May St. Louis was a .500 club but now after reeling off 11 wins in their last 15 games the Cards have the fourth best record in the National League. Their pitching is starting to come around as well as they gave up three of fewer runs in nine of those games. (LWR 14)

11. Pittsburgh Pirates (32-31) ~ Catcher Francisco Cervelli has a broken hamate bone and is expected to miss four to six weeks. Ace Gerrit Cole may join him on the disabled list with an injured triceps. Oh, and the Pirates were swept by their division rival Cardinals and have fallen into third place in the NL Central. They’ve had better weeks. (LWR 8)

12. Los Angeles Dodgers (33-31) ~ Julio Urias has looked much better over his last two outings allowing just three earned runs in 9 1/3 innings to go along with 14 strikeouts. The teenager could prove to be a vital part of a rotation that could use some depth. (LWR 10)

13. Toronto Blue Jays (35-30) ~ Roberto Osuna had a rough week. After allowing just three earned runs all season, he allowed three more in his last four outings blowing a save in one game and picking up a loss in another. Probably just a blip on the radar as the closer still carries an impressive 1.84 ERA and 0.95 WHIP. (LWR 13)

14. Miami Marlins (32-31) ~ Where oh where has Giancarlo Stanton gone? The Iron Giant has a miserable .192/.299/.415 line on the season. The man with the largest contract in baseball has been playing awfully small in 2016. (LWR 16)

15. Kansas City Royals (32-30) ~ An eight-game losing streak saw the defending champs drop back down to .500 on the year but they won back-to-back games over the weekend. At some point soon, however, they will have to do without Yordano Ventura who has appealed his nine-game suspension for a brawl with Manny Machado. I can’t see that being reduced by much, if at all. (LWR 12)

16. Detroit Tigers (32-30) ~ Michael Fulmer is having himself a season. The rookie pitcher is currently on a 28 1/3 inning scoreless streak which is just one out shy of the franchise record. On the year he boasts a 2.52 ERA and 1.14 WHIP with 52 strikeouts in 53 2/3 innings. He was acquired at the trade deadline last year when Detroit sent Yoenis Cespedes to the Mets. I’d say that trade worked out well on both sides. (LWR 18)

17. New York Yankees (31-32) ~ Chris Parmelee, the Yankees latest 1st baseman, has joined Mark Teixeira, Greg Bird and Dustin Ackley on the disabled list. It may be time to dust off your old glove as the Yankees can use any help they can get. Just make sure your health insurance is up to date first. (LWR 20)

18. Tampa Bay Rays (29-32) ~ Top pitching prospect Blake Snell is about to make his way back to the majors. Snell, who pitched five innings of one-run ball earlier this year against the Yankees in his MLB debut, is expected to be called back up Thursday. Matt Andriese, who has been pitching well, will be shifted to the bullpen to make room. (LWR 19)

19. Chicago White Sox (31-32) ~ First it was Mat Latos who was DFA’d and now Jimmy Rollins has been shown the door as well. The 37-year-old former MVP was given his walking papers Friday. He was hitting a meager .211/.295/.329 with two homers and eight RBI in 149 at-bats. Prospect Tim Anderson has been called up to take over and he is viewed as the future at the position in Chicago. (LWR 15)

20. Houston Astros (30-35) ~ Reigning AL Cy Young Award winner Dallas Keuchel became the first pitcher to lose nine games this season. He lost eight times all last year. (LWR 17)

21. Colorado Rockies (30-33) ~ Jose Reyes' rehab assignment ends Wednesday and the Rockies will need to make a decision on what to do with the troubled shortstop. Do they add him to the roster? Can they find a trade partner? Will they DFA him? It's high time they figure it out. (LWR 23)

22. Philadelphia Phillies (29-34) ~ Last week I mentioned that a fan threw a beer bottle at Ryan Howard. Now, that fan has identified himself. A 21-year-old is the culprit and he turned himself into the authorities. He was issued a summary citation for disorderly conduct and released by the police. The Phillies, meanwhile, have lost 17 of 22. (LWR 21)

23. Milwaukee Brewers (30-33) ~ Rumor has it that the Giants are sniffing around Ryan Braun. If and when the Brewers trade him do they go for prospects or simply getting away from his $105 million contract? The veteran outfielder is having a nice season hitting .316/.378/.541. It's hard to imagine his stock being higher than it is now. (LWR 26)

24. Los Angeles Angels (27-36) ~ Over his last five starts Matt Shoemaker has a stellar 1.88 ERA and 48 strikeouts to just one walk. He is 1-2 in that span. Dude can't get any run support. (LWR 24)

25. Oakland A's (26-36) ~ A seven-game losing streak dropped the A's to the bottom of the AL West. In fact, outside of the woeful Minnesota Twins the A's are the worst team in the American League. One has to feel that they will be sellers come the deadline. (LWR 22)

26. Arizona Diamondbacks (28-37) ~ Already 10 1/2 games back in the division I believe it is safe to say the D'Backs are the biggest disappointment thus far. Will they blow it up and be sellers come the deadline? (LWR 25)

27. San Diego Padres (26-38) ~ Erik Johnson, who was acquired for James Shields, made his San Diego debut and it wasn't pretty. He gave up five runs and nine hits and couldn't make it through five innings. He was better than Shields in his White Sox debut though, so, there's that. (LWR 27)

28. Cincinnati Reds (24-39) ~ Since the calendar flipped to June Joey Votto has returned to form. The former MVP who has struggled mightily this season is hitting ..316/.458/.579 with six extra base hits in June. That's a good sign for the Reds and Votto's wallet as he hinted he would rather retire than not play up to his high standards. (LWR 28)

29. Minnesota Twins (19-43) ~ Phil Hughes came on in relief last week and suffered a fractured knee as a result of a comebacker. Odds are he is lost for the season. Playing in Minnesota maybe that's a relief for him. (LWR 29)

30. Atlanta Braves (18-44) ~ Earlier I mentioned that Baltimore’s Mark Trumbo and Chris Davis are mashing the ball. Combined they have hit 36 home runs. On the season, as a team, Atlanta has hit just 25 which is dead last in the league. Feels like the Braves are dead last in a lot of things these days. (LWR 30)

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave feedback. I will try and respond as quickly as possible. Want to be like Jose Bautista and follow me on Twitter? @therichwhiteguy


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