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My NHL 13 Hockey Game Review

Updated on September 14, 2012

NHL 13

Lets hit the ice, and drop the puck on the 2013 NHL Hockey game, that was released by Ea Sports ( Video Game Creation Company), in early September 2012.

Like previous years, NHL 13 brings awesome graphics,ease of use, and a great in game flow that allows players to hit, shoot,poke,dive,pass,and Even flip the puck in any direction. NHL 13 is one of the best hockey videos that has ever hit the market, below is my NHL 13 hockey game review.


in NHL 13 the controls, flow, and button configurations are almost identical to there previous hockey game in 2012,but with much better improvements. In NHL 13 you can control the players speed and generate momentum, by skating in a strait line, you also have a glide feature that allows you to spin,shift,stop and go,in any direction needed.

Hockey Talk

Will There Be Hockey For the NHL This Hockey Season (2012-2013 season)

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Hockey Smarts

IN NHL 13, the computer is much smarter, and it feels like you are playing with NHL professionals. The competition is heavier, and non controlled players usually defend very well, and skate hard to help you score goals.

you as the coach,can pick rather your team plays aggressive, or conservative, you also have an option of choosing different kinds of fore-checking plays, as well as defensive can even break down the styles line by line. The computers hockey smarts is far better then previous games, witch makes NHL 13 very exciting and keeps you on the edge the whole hockey game.

In Game Actions

  • Glide: The player can speed, shift,stop,Swerve in any direction with ease.
  • Defence: you the player can poke check,dive, and body check your opponent.
  • Stick Handle: NHL 13 really hit the mark on improvements in the Stick Handle portion of the game.
  • Yes There is Fighting
  • More realism
  • Awesome Sound effects
  • hits are big, loud, and injuries are frequent
  • Wrist shot, slap shot, snap shot, or pass, your choice
  • Body check Players over the benches
  • A Player can louse, break, or drop his stick at any moment.
  • Use your body and pin your opponent on the boards while battling for the puck in the corner.



from glove save, to split leg-pad save the goalies in NHL 13 are unbelievable and are very similar to real life motion and styles. The goalies are smarter and in NHL 13 the goalies start playing better if its a tie, or when the game gets close, goalies play tighter and come up with huge save during key moments during the game. Goalies do not mess around in NHL 13

Cool Game Options

  • Franchise mode
  • Season Mode
  • Play-off mode
  • Gm Mode
  • Winter classic game
  • Shoot out Mode
  • Tournament Mode
  • Be a legend Mode
  • The NHL Challenge
  • Online and internet team creation and league Modes

My NHL 13 Hockey Game Review

My NHL 13 Hockey Game review, is my personal thoughts about the game, as a life long fan of hockey and hockey video games, i felt the need to share with you my thoughts on an awesome- must have NHL hockey video game. Do you Love Hockey? have you played NHL 13, if so tell me what you thought of the game.


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    • newell12345 profile image

      newell12345 5 years ago

      yes i agree with you chris 100%, thanks for your feed back

    • Chris Bauer profile image

      Chris Bauer 5 years ago from Boston, MA

      Much more realistic...

      I'm a big fan of all of the additions. Strategy is needed instead of just skating forward and passing it across the crease to beat the goalie and d-man AI. Thumbs up to all the work EA did for NHL 13