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My NHL 2013 Stanley Cup Final Predicitions!

Updated on June 13, 2013

Droping The Puck On The 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Finals

to all my fellow NHL and Hockey fans, the time has come, yes finally the 2013 NHL Stanley cup finals is hear,and there are only two great NHL teams left. The Boston Bruins will take the ice to face off against the Chicago Black Hawks.

The Chicago Black Hawks will have home ice advantage,during the 2013 NHL Stanley cup finals,with the series beginning on Wednesday June 12th.The 2013 Stanley cup finals is very exciting, and this years NHL Hockey match up is very special, because both teams are part of the original six NHL teams. There is a lot of history between the two teams,and both teams have won the Stanley Cup Champion ship with in the last five years. I cant wait for the puck to drop,and hear i share with you my predictions on this awesome Stanley Cup Finals Match up.


The Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins have yet again proved that defencive minded teams can win,The bruins main philosophy is based around defence and capitalizing on the others team offensive mistakes. The Boston Bruins Play very physical and are excellent at one on one battles on the boards.

The Boston Bruins also have great depth in not only their defensive parings, but also there forward parings.The bruins like to run all four lines,and all lines have good players with different responsibilities. The 2013 Boston Bruins are no joke and they truly deserves there spot in this years Stanley Cup Finals.

Bruins Top Play-Off Players

David Krejci
Nathan Horton
R Wing
Brad Marchand
L Wing
Patrice Bergeron
Milan Lucic
L Wing

Goalie Stats (Tuukka Rask)

Bruins Goalie
Tuukka Rask

Bruins Top Defenceman

  • Zdeno Chara
  • Johnny Boychuk
  • Torey Krug
  • Adam McQuaid
  • Dennis Seidenberg
  • Andrew Ference

Bruins Road To The Cup ( Past Play-Off Victorys)

Beat: Toronto In Seven Games

Beat: New York Rangers In Five Games

Beat: Pittsburgh In Four Games

The Chicago BlackHawks

The 2013 Chicago Black hawks are the complete opposite from the Boston Bruins, In witch the Chicago black hawks like to attack using speed and offence to beat their opponents.the Chicago black hawks have one of the best power play systems in the league and are known for the defense-man to step up on the fore check and help score goals for there great franchise.

Also The Chicago Black hawks are very good at setting traps in the middle zone,and capitalizing on the othere teams mistakes to score,or gain offinfecie pressure.The BlackHawks deserve this chance at the cup,but they shure do have there hands full against the Big Bad Boston Bruins.

The BlackHawks Top Players

Marian Hossa
R Wing
Patrick Kane
R Wing
Patrick Sharp
L Wing
Duncan Keith
Bryan Bickell

Goalie Stats (Corey Crawford)

BlackHawks Goalie
Corey Crawford

BlackHawks Top Defenceman

  • Johnny Oduya
  • Niklas Hjalmarsson
  • Duncan Keith
  • Brent Seabrook
  • Michal Rozsival
  • Nick Leddy

BlackHawks Road To The Cup ( Past Victorys)

Beat: Wild In Four Games

Beat: Red Wings In Seven Games

Beat: LA in Five Games

Tell Me Your 2013 Stanley Cup Predicitions

Who Will Be The 2013 Stanley Cup Champions

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My NHL 2013 Stanley Cup Final Predicitions!

So now that we have all the important information,and based on some basic facts, i would like to share with you my opinion and tell you who i predict to win the 2013 Stanley cup championship.

Its My Prediction that the Boston Bruins will Beat The Chicago BlackHawks in six games.Hears why.

The reason why the Boston Bruins will win is because, in my opinion defence wins champion ships,and Boston has a better core defenceman paring group then Chicago,and i believe that the bruins defensives system is stronger then Chicago's. I also Like Boston because they have a solid goalie in Rask. This series is gonna be a very tough one for both teams,and i look forward for a great series lets drop the puck and get these series started.

Are You A NHL Fan? Tell Me Thoughts About This Great Sport

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    • profile image

      Briar 2 years ago

      I haven't followed the Blackhawks saga that clolsey, but still have family in Chicago, so after the Caps, I'm inclined to root for them. And shrewd business maneuvers that lead to better teams aren't the worst thing. As for the Cubs - the season with the Steve Bartman incident, the Red Sox still had their drought. The chances looked pretty high for a while that there would be a Cubs-Red Sox World Series, and my theory was that such an occurrence would cause a black hole that would engulf the entire universe. Now that the Red Sox have won twice, it may be safe for the Cubs to win - but check the gizzard of a chicken and entrails of a bull first.