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My top ten fishing targets.

Updated on August 26, 2013

My fishing highlight of 2012 - Common carp.

The ten fishing things I would like to achieve in 2013.

I know the weather isn't great, fish are being caught but, flood water is taking some time to go away from my favorite haunts so, I have made a ten point plan of what I would like to do this year. They are in no particular order so, take a look see what you think!

#1 Improve my personal best carp from Apex lake

My personal best common carp from the Apex lake as you can see from the picture above is 11 1/4lb. It was caught at the end of a sunny august evening session using a boille baited hair rig. There are some big carp in there possibly 20lbs plus!

Railway lake - My chosen water or Tench.

#2 Tench fishing.

This year it is my aim to go out and catch a tench. In all my previous fishing life this fish proved a bit of a problem to catch however, things are different now and many waters contain good a good head of this great fish. The venue I shall be heading to for this challenge is on my local licence and contains some large specimens.

The tactics I shall be using to catch these bottom feeding fish will be ledgered meat baits as the local fishermen tell me luncheon meat works well. I would like to float fish for tench but, the railway lake is average 12 feet deep!

Snag lake - home of a double figured bream?

#3 Catch a double figure Bream.

Bream have always had a special place in my heart as I had many a good day fishing for bream on the river severn in the worcester area. In the 70's & 80's They were widespread everywhere and in those days bread and maggots were the favored baits.

For this species I will heading to the snag lake at walrow where catches of double figured bream are common place with hair rigged sweetcorn being the favoured bait. Couple that up with a method feeder I should be in with a good chance!

#4 Match fishing

When I used to go fishing in my younger years, I used to enjoy match fishing as the atmosphere was always competitive, but friendly. Catches were always hard fought with only pounds between the top three places and weights rarely top 100lb and the whole ethos was that of friendship and fishermen were always willing to part with help and advice. Of course weights today can reach 200lb in matches if you decide to fish on commercial fisheries.

#5 Pole fishing.

I did a little bit of pole fishing last year using my sons' carbon pole and until then I always thought fishing with a rod and reel was the best method but, this all changed when I tried this method. Pole fishing is a very productive and fun method of catching fish of all sizes ( see my hub on pole fishing for carp.) Can't wait

Factory lake.

#6 Catch a Walrow carp!

I know I have already made a point of catching a bigger carp this year however, this is different as at factory lake there are fish to over 30lbs in weight and they are even named by the local fishermen who set up their overnight bivvies on a Friday night and stay there all weekend come rain or shine. I believe they are mostly mirrors which are caught using specialist boillies and are very hard to catch. Should be a challenge!

#7 Home made baits.

It's interesting to read that a lot of specimen fish are caught on home made baits, in particular boillies and paste.There are many different recipes can be found on the internet and in monthly magazines with various methods on how to make them. i think it would be more rewarding to catch the type of fish I will be targeting with home made bait.

#8 Go sea fishing.

Before taking up coarse again. I bought a beach caster set up as I live by the Bristol channel and had seen how productive this piece of coastline was, I decided to try beach fishing and had a little success. My best bass was 2 1/2 lb and was caught on a ragworm bait cast out on a spring tide one July evening. flounder and whiting were plentiful throughout the year. This year i shall be looking to better my bass and as the winter rolls in I shall be looking to catch some Bristol channel cod.

#9 revisit some of my old venues.

Years ago when I first fished, I lived in the Worcestershire and a lot of my happy fishing memories lie there. I used to fish the local canals, rivers and lakes and had the best adventures ever many of which I have told my son Sean about, and he keeps saying he would like to fish the same waters (if only to catch more than I used to!)

So I will try to take him to fish the River Severn for Barbel and Chub and, the Birmingham and Worcester canal for the Bream and Carp.

River Severn at worcester

#10 write more about my fishing.

I had so much fun and enjoyment fishing both in my earlier years and even over the last year that I will be trying to write about my experiences, successes and the not so good times but write I will.See you soon.

Tight lines!


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