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How NOT to make your DIY fishing sinkers!

Updated on February 19, 2012

Fishing what??? Sinkers, as we call it here, are heavy weights usually made out of LEAD to bring the bait to where we are supposed to position it... but more often than not, it usually goes to the wrong place! hahahaha!

So here I was, tinkering with my fishing stuff when I suddenly had the urge to re-form my 'el cheapo' lead sinkers I got from a commercial fishing supply to make it look more funky and heavier. So I went on to youtube to look at some instructional videos and finally decided that I CAN DO IT! (or so I thought!)

I sorted out the videos and chose one where it shows materials that I can actually find in our local stores. So off I went to our local hardware store and got me the best mold making material money can buy... PLASTER OF PARIS! Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Looking back at what happened, boy was I wrong!

The infamous Plaster Of Paris Mould!
The infamous Plaster Of Paris Mould!


Armed with the knowledge I supposedly got from all those youtube videos, I started making the framework of the mold using clay... ssssshhhh! My daughter still has no idea where all her clay went! After I made that and put the plug into its seat, I mixed the white powdery substance and started pouring it over the clay with the plug and waited for about an hour until it dried and I was able to separate the two.

HUWAW! So this is how you do it! That was what went through my now so boastful mind after seeing one half of the mold taking shape. So after cleaning it up and making some modifications I put the done half into a container... way bigger (wider on all sides) than its size! Without thinking, I mixed another batch of the plaster and then poured it.

What do you think happened? It eventually swallowed the other half! Since I poured it at nighttime, I said to myself I'll just unplug it the next day. Well lo and behold! I was having a hard time pulling it out of the container and when I finally was able to get it... I saw the problem. Where the heck is the other half???

Well, not giving up, I took my very trusty grinder and cut all the sides until I was able to see the two halves of the mold! Sheesh!

The 'el cheapo' fishing net sinkers!
The 'el cheapo' fishing net sinkers!
The failed, hollow lead thingamajiga! :D
The failed, hollow lead thingamajiga! :D


Being all so excited with my so-called success on the mold, I then turned to the kitchen to look for a smelting pot aka frying pan! Looking around I found this old pancake pan which I later found out was not a very good idea! So i got all my 'el-cheapo' sinkers and started to 'cook' them inside our kitchen. BOY DID IT SMELL BAD! Up to now I still get the feeling that I'm gonna die soon because of lead poisoning from all that inhaled stinkapoo!

My excitement got the better of me so I proceeded to make my first pour.

What do you think happened?


I forgot that part in the video about plaster of paris and hot, boiling lead... I should've let it dry first!!! My mold was still WET INSIDE that's why it's cold to the touch! I always thought its just because of the season... it was December so it's got to be cold! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

It's a good thing i didn't get burned in the incident since common sense, or what was left of it, dictated me to wear gloves and protective clothing. Well, there goes the expensive FOX MTB Gloves! :D

So I allowed the mold to dry for about a week, since i got scared and i have to regain my strength to do it again! After a week, I got the mold inside and just to make sure, I 'cooked' it inside my toaster over for about 10 minutes before I made my 2nd attempt at pouring lead.

The inside of the mold. Nice ei?
The inside of the mold. Nice ei?

EUREKA! I think I got it this time!

In order to be on the safe side, I painted the inside of the mold with fire resistant paint... I really don't know if it did anything good but I just thought, what the heck! it made my mold look darn good! So after the paint dried for about 3 hours, I reheated the mold again for about 5 minutes and at the same time started melting some lead. After 5 minutes I poured the lead into its mouth.

I was waiting for the KABBOOOMM again but it didn't happen! YEY! I think I finally did it! After letting the mold cool down for about 2 minutes I separated it and found my very first successful DIY DEEP DROP FISHING WEIGHT! All HAIL the Southwesthooker! All hail! HAHAHAHAHA!


We learn a lot from our mistakes. I know I did. Here are some of the lessons I learned from this first encounter with the boiling kind:

  • The smelting pot. A pancake pan is not a good choice. Its too shallow and wide. There's too much lead waste.
  • It is always better to trust what the video says, do your lead smelting out side. Inhaling all those free chemicals is not very good for your body.
  • Do not rush and get too excited. Take time to read or watch instructional videos and try to understand them for crying out loud!
  • Always wear the proper protective gear. A mountain bike glove versus boiling hot lead? Well, I have the scars to prove it!
  • Last but not the least... Do not steal from your daughter's clay stock. You'll never know when she will be standing behind you while you are writing an article about your foul up and she finally finds out who tool her clay! BAD MOVE DADDY! :D

So, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I had fun telling you my story. I have to go now and buy my daughter a new box of clay and a new toy so that she will calm down and not tell her mom what really happened to the oven toaster, the microwave, the pancake pan, the stove, the lunchbox, the wooden stirrer and the counter top. :D

By the way, here's the finished product:

The DEEP DROP SINKER moments after being pulled out of the mold.
The DEEP DROP SINKER moments after being pulled out of the mold.


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    • profile image 5 years ago

      What a great way to learn what not to do! Started my day w/a chuckle & a lesson learned & not the hard way!