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My weekly rant 3 is how much wages payment does manchester united Wayne Rooney gets/his new pay is £250,000 a week pay

Updated on January 26, 2011

Wayne Rooney stays at Manchester United after securing a Payrise

Well they say you learn something new everyday and i have to say that some of the things you do learn make you wonder..I have read many articles and hubs about how to secure a pay rise from your employer but obviously Mr Wayne Rooney has blown all these articles out of the water in the way he has gone about securing his massive weekly payrise.

It appears on the surface of things that if you cheat on your wife not once but many more times and with prostitutes, slate all your team mates, critise your manager and your employer that somehow will earn you a £250,000 a week pay packet. Yes that's a quarter of a million pounds a week for kicking a football and may i add we are still in a recession.

Now shoe on the other foot if i had cheated on my wife then i would be going through divorce proceedings right now as well as nursing a sore groin and keeping out the way of my Father-in-law. if i slated my work colleagues i would be outcast. If i criticised my manager i would be up on a warning and be given the worst of the worst jobs to do.If i publically criticised my employer then i would get the sack simple as. But somehow Wayne Rooney has secured the biggest football wage in the world.

To top it all off Wayne Rooney then spent his first weeks wages sitting in a pool with his wife in Dubai celebrating his wage rise without having to even kick a ball.

What sort of example is Wayne Rooney for kids and the fans of football what must they think?

Well Wayne Rooney has a responsibility to behave in a reasonable manner after all he is an international footballer who just happens to play for one of the biggest clubs in world.Kids will look up to Rooney and what do they see. Well they see a man who believes himself better than the people who pay to watch him as well as his club, his team mates and even his family.It appears player power has truly taken over the English game of football and i think it stinks and quite frankly its really putting me off the game i have loved for so long.I have mentioned before in other hubs that i am a Manchester United fan and not just an armchair one i go to Old Trafford when i can and i enjoy my day out at the football and take my sons with me and i have seen Rooney play ,personally i don't believe Wayne Rooney is worth £250k a week nor is any other player but believe you me other players will start to demand this money.

But are players like Rooney slowly killing the game.How long can Players demand these wages before cllub after club goes into administration. Big Clubs in England have demised into the lower leagues and when you look at those leagues just look at the big names trapped down there with little hope of making it back to the Premiership without ridiculous amounts of Money.Its not just millionaires who own the big clubs now its Billionaires who run these profitless clubs.The game of football is being destroyed by Money and with players the like of Rooney demanding such ridiculous wages how long can it go on before fifa or the FA step in and put a cap on earnings.

As usual though the only people who will suffer initially is the fans as the funds for these wages has to come from somewhere and teams like United are filled to Capacity week after week so the only alternative is to increase the ticket prices and the shirt and merchandising prices.

So maybe you should think about Wayne Rooney when you ask for a payrise and maybe we should rewrite the how to secure a payrise books!!!

Till the next rant!!!!


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    • quicklysilver profile image

      quicklysilver 7 years ago from wexford, ireland

      Thats what ye get for robbing him of us and not getting rid of his agent ;)

    • jayjay40 profile image

      jayjay40 7 years ago from Bristol England

      He's not worth more than anyone else. He's a bad role model for children and an unfit athelete. We need talent in English football not egos.

    • profile image

      Aniefiok udoh 7 years ago

      Wanye Roony, doe not worth the amount.