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MyPicks In Round One fore The 2013 NHL Playoffs

Updated on April 30, 2013

Its NHL Playoff Time

on April 29-2013, the NHL Stanley cup play offs will be starting,and the race to the cup will begin. Playoff hockey is one of the most exciting sporting events in the world ,and every team gives there all,and every team is hungry to we know the 2012 / 2013 NHL season was a short season do to a NHL Hockey player lock-out,witch created an awesome much tighter run for the play-offs,witch has left teams tighter and closer in the standing/seed race.

This years NHL Post season is gonna be awesome, below i share with you my thoughts, of the first Round match-ups and i will share with you my opinions on who are the best teams and also my teams that i pick to move on to the next round.

The East

Teams on the east coast are very defensively minded and all 4 NHL Playoff Match Ups Are great and should be very interesting games to watch.

RD 1 Match-Ups In The East


My Pick (Penguins VS Islanders)

Pittsburgh will defeat The islanders in a four game sweep. the penguins are too offensively strong and are one of the best teams on the Power play,just giving them a tighter edge over the islanders.

Boston Vs Toronto

All tho the bruins where struggling offensively and battled against the injury bug, late in the 2013 NHL hockey season, they are my pick to win over Toronto. The bruins seem to play there best hockey when they match up against Toronto,and when the bruins are at there best they are very dangerous,and hard to beat.

Washington VS Rangers

The NY Rangers will Have a hard time with the Washington Capitols,and Washington will win this searies in seven games. this series come down to how Alex ovechkin plays if he makes plays or break plays. The rangers just do not have enough defensive skill to stop Washington offensive. even tho lundqvist is one of the best goalies in the league i still seeing Washington scoring enought to steal a series win.

Montreal VS Ottawa

This is a very fun series,both teams love the fast passe back and fourth,skate,skate move your legs style of hockey play.i see Ottawa creating an up set over the Montreal canadians.the lack-off play off appearances in the play-offs have made the Ottawa senators a very hungry team, witch makes them very scary,and unpredictable.I see Ottawa running away with this one.

Who Is Better

Witch Coast Will the Cup This Year

See results

RD 1 Match-Ups In The West

San Jose
St Louis
Los Angles

My Picks ( Chicago VS Minnesota)

The Chicago Black hawks win this series in four games. Chicago sweeps Minnesota because of their great goal scores doing a lot of damage, and will over whelm the wildcats,and steal the win.

Anaheim VS Detriot

I predict that Detriot will win this series, i like the goaltender match up better for detroit,and they have more experience players that will help guide them to a win over the ducks.

St Louis VS Los Angles

I predict that St Louis will steal a series win over the Kings. The Blues are a great hockey team who are looking for revenge over the kings for last years slip ups.I like the fast passed, puck movement style of play that the blues bring to the ice.The blues know the kings very well and are thirsty for redemption. watch for the blues to win in five games,and move on to the next round.

Vancouver VS San Jose

Joe Thornton and the sharks steal this one. Vancouver's goaltenders are very un-reliabole in the post season,and the sharks know how to finish off teams,and close out third period victories.The sharks win this in six games and move on to round two.

Its time to drop the puck and hit the Ice the Stanley cup playoffs is fast approaching and i cant wait to watch the games.


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