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NBA 2010

Updated on October 25, 2009

NBA 2010 season WEST DIVISION!

This years NBA season will be an exciting one. The LA Lakers are hungry for more championships, Kobe is more focus than ever and now that he has bad boy Ron Artest on his side the Lakers will be mean in defense and have an explosive offense. Kobe does not to worry cause his got other back ups like Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom who just sigened a new contract with the Lakers this summer. However, the expected player to leave in the Laker team was Trevor Ariza who signed for the Houston Rockets. The Rockets last season was a great time with Yao, Battier and Artest guiding the team to the playoffs. But this year, its all questions whether the Rockets will be a team to look out for. Now that the Rockets has Ariza; will Yao and T-Mac will be back soon? Whereas, the other Texas teams, San Antonio and Dallas has been signing up players to build up their teams. The Spurs are still one of the best teams in the NBA. Head coach Popvich still has his trio Parker, Duncan and Ginoboli. These trio make up the spurs line up which has been for many years now. But they also have back up who are veteran players like Mcdyess, Finley, Ratliff and Richard Jefferson. The Spurs are better like that due to the fact that the team is made up experience players. Mavs the team but with Marion on the team, they could be one of the teams in the NBA hunger for a title. Dallas did make it to the finals in 2006 but lost to the Heat. The Suns is a troubled team, trading Shaq to the Cavs is going to hurt the team in offense and in defense. They did sign Frye but will it be a good signing? Is Amare better? Nash younger? Hill scoring? Portland will be a major threat in the west this year. Brandon Roy has guided the team for the past few years and has made Portland a better team. Utah too, is a big major team in the West. Carlos Boozer was about to leave the team but ended up staying will be a major lift for the team. LA Clippers, they got Blake Griffin, will he take the Clippers to the Finals? Blake Griffin is a great player he can defend he can score he can do anything but will it be enough for the Clippers? Memphis got Iverson wow! Hornets, CP3 how will he deliver without Tyson Chandler? Kings? Thunder? Bobcats? We will have to see as the season goes on!


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