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NBA 2015-16: Top Picks for Draft Kings 10-27-2015

Updated on October 26, 2015


First i would like to say i do not receive anything from Draft Kings. I am just a fan of their site and I currently only use that site for my Fantasy needs.

You receive 50,000 dollars in player money to draft eight players. One each of the following positions: PG,SG,SF,PF and C, you will also pick another guard and forward of your choicing and finally a Util player who again can be any player.

You earn points the following ways: Point=+1, Assist=+1.5, 3pt made=+0.5,Steal=+2.0,Rebound=+1.25 and Blocks=+2.0

You can lose points with turnovers =-0.5

A player gets a bonus with a double-double +1.5 or a Triple-Double +3

Shooting Guards

Have eight total players to look at here with a couple of players starting in small forward roles for their team.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope(Det) $4,700, Kyle Kover(Atl) $4,900, J. R. Smith(Cle) $4,800, Jimmy Butler(Chi) $7,600, Eric Gordon(NO) $5,200, Klay Thompson(GS) $7,200, Tony Snell(Chi) $3,000 and Kent Bazemore(Atl) $3,000

Man what a list and what a hard decision to make. Two guys stand out to me.

Jimmy Butler $7,600 and Klay Thompson $7,200 you have to pick one of these guys. If you can swing it and get both then you are doing great. If i had to rank these two i would go with Thompson. That $400 difference could come back to help me out later.

Sleeper Pick is Kentavious Caldwell-Pope i loved watching this kid in college and he is still exciting now.

Point Guards

With only three games for Tuesday we will see a lot of similar picks in the contests. I have six point guards that i started looking at.

Reggie Jackson(Det) $7,800, Jeff Teague(Atl) $7,000, Mo Williams(Cle) $4,900, Derrick Rose(Chi) $6,500, Jrue Holiday(NO) $5,100 and Stephen Curry(GS) $9,500

You will have lots of guys jump on Curry real quick. I am not one of those guys. He is a great player but not going for that price tag when i think i can get some better value some where else. I have three guys that i would look at having in your lineup.

Reggie Jackson $7,800 price is a tad high but I feel you will get a great first game out of him.

Jeff Teague $7,000 is probably my main pick for me. look for him to give you about 35 fantasy points and you cant beat the price.

Sleeper Pick would be Jrue Holiday $5,100 he doesn't get a lot of respect but for that price look for him to be available in that Guard position.

Power Forwards

Now we come to the Power Forwards, have seven names to look at here.

Anthony Davis(NO) $10,400, Pau Gasol(Chi) $8,000, Paul Millsap(Atl) $7,700, Kevin Love(Cle) $7,500, Draymond Green(GS) $6,900, Nikola Mirotic(Chi) $6,400 and Ersan Ilyasova(Det) $5,700

Well first off what a list, as you see their are some big names here, with that said no way i take Davis at that price with other quality guys available and a lot cheaper.

My Top two picks would be Kevin Love $7,500 or Paul Millsap $7,700. Both guys could should score you a good amount of points. I like Millsap here as my top pick.

Sleeper Pick would be Draymond Green. If you need some money break his price tag should help.

Small Forwards

Well this is a very short list of guys that i think you need to look at. Lebron James is the king of this list, his ability to play defense and score means he is a fantasy point stud. Others to look at if money is tight is; Harrison Barnes(GS) $4,600, Marcus Morris(Det) $4,500 and Dante Cunningham(NO) $3,000

James high price tag will make some balk. Paying $9,800 for one player seems like a lot and it is but when you have only three games this becomes a must.

My sleeper guy would be Harrison Barnes. I think you could see some good points from this player this year.

Top Fantasy Point Scorer for 10-27-2015

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When you get down to your fifth pick you could be a little short of money to fill out your roster.

Two big names stand out here for you to pick. Al Horford from Atlanta @$7,300 and Andre Drummond from Detroit @$8,200

Some other guys to look at will be Andrew Bogut(GS) if he plays @ $5,000 and Timofey Mozgov(Cle) @ $4,600

Depending on who you have taken will make your decision for you. For me I look at Mozgov for that price to help me finish my roster. If i had the money Horford would be my first choice here.


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