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NBA Draft Prevew: The Rest of the Top Ten

Updated on June 23, 2015

And we're back with day two of the NBA Draft preview. Today, we're taking a look at teams drafting 6-10. Never fear fans; at least two of these teams looks like they're primed to top the Lakers and Knicks for, "Did they really just do that? They really just did that" selection of the night. You gotta love drafts. Unless it's the Vietnam one. Then it's bad. But enough about terrible events that inspired Apocalypse Now, time to talk hoops. ON WITH THE SHOW!!!

Picks 6-10

Sacramento Kings

Who They Should Pick: No one. That's right guys, I'm going to suggest here that the Kings trade this pick instead of making a selection. Yes, I can do that as it's my column. Deal with it. Come at me bro! Insert threatening meme here!

Anyways, why should they do this? Simple; how well have the Kings done drafting recently? No offense to Ben McLemore or the wonderful Sauce Castillo himself (Nick Staukaus), but both of those guys have had as much success as Jim Carrey recently. Hell, since DeMarcus Cousins was taken in 2010, no Kings player taken in the first round has panned out for the team, and Cousins might be gone himself now if George Karl has his way. Take all of that into consideration, and I say trade the pick. The Kings supposedly want to be a win now team going into their new stadium anyway, so use the pick to get a quality level player to help you compete. Wise long term? Who knows, but it's not like closing their eyes and taking shots in the dark have helped Sacramento either.

Who They Will Pick: Justise Winslow. I do think the Kings will look to move the pick, but will ultimately find no takers and settle on the talented Duke freshman. Not a bad choice in the long run, as Winslow looks like he'll be great. Then again, we all thought that about McLemore and Sauce, and look how that's going. We sure no one will take the sixth pick? Could the Sixers swoop in to take it, allowing Hinke to take another big and continue his reverse Kahn?

Denver Nuggets

Who They Should Pick: Cameron Payne. Let's be real here guys, the Ty Lawson era in Denver is like the Mystery, Alaska hockey period going into the third; done like dinner. I'll be stunned if he isn't moved by the time the draft is over, which means the Nuggets will need a new point guard. Low and behold, here's the Murray State star Payne. He may not be as athletically gifted as Russell or Mudiay, but the kid can shoot, score, pass and defend, averaging almost 2 steals last year for the Racers. I like this fit right here, especially if Lawson will be going the way of Pepsi Blue.

Who They Will Pick: Payne. I do think they get the Lawson deal done (perhaps to the Kings for Rudy Gay?), and I think they look to bring Payne in as the replacement. This is an easy one Denver. Don't screw it up like the dudes from Pepsi Blue did.

Detroit Pistons

Who They Should Pick: Trey Lyles. Easy as pie, this one. He may have been the third fiddle behind Towns and Willie Cauley-Stein, by Lyles was no slouch at Kentucky either despite playing out of position at the three. I like his size, I like his athleticism, and I think he can eventually develop into a solid outside shooter if he works on it. Best of all, he'll capably fill the starting role vacated by a likely leaving Greg Monroe, and will provide the Pistons with something they sorely need; a stretch four. Part of the problem Stan Van Gundy had last season was the inability to space the floor with Monroe and Andre Drummond clogging the lane, a problem he won't have with Lyles stepping out to hit mid range/3 pointers.

Who They Will Pick: Lyles. It's an easy pick, and Van Gundy is a smart enough guy to know this is what the team needs. Man, two straights pick that should be no brainers. I think it might be time for us to brace for some terrible decision making.

Charlotte Hornets

Who They Should Pick: Speaking of terrible decision making, here are the Charlotte Hornets. Honestly, just like the Kings, the Hornets should trade this pick. While they don't have as bad a track record at picking in the first round as Sacramento does (I'd say Cody Zeller and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist have turned okay), there's still been some flaws, and the thought of Charlotte taking either another big or someone like Mario Hezonja sounds as enticing as The X-Files without Walter Skinner. Keep this in mind too; the Hornets aren't that far off from being pretty good again in the East, and trading the pick for a solid wing player could easily get them back on track. I personally think that's the right route to go here. MJ, if you can hear me, trade this pick. Be like Mike the player, not Mike the owner/GM.

Who They Will Pick: Devin Booker. Like I said, the Hornets need a wing player, and Booker fits the mold, not to mention he's a lights out shooter. Is he top ten worthy though? Probably not. Still, it's MJ the owner, and we all know how much he likes to reach for things. Poor Hornets fans. My buddy Joe Brown is probably going to rage Mil Muertes style before this draft is over.

The Beast King doesn't approve of Charlotte's selection
The Beast King doesn't approve of Charlotte's selection

Miami Heat

Who They Should Pick: Frank Kaminsky. Once again, yet another simple pick. Kaminsky to me could be the Steph Curry of this draft; he does everything well, he's a great shooter for his size, he has great intangibles and, most importantly, he's experienced as hell after playing four years under Bo Ryan. The only reason he's this low is because of how deep the top of this draft is; I'm talking Mil vs. Fenix levels of deep here. Good for Kaminsky if he lands with the Heat; Miami could always use another big who can spread the floor, and we know how much they like people who can help them win now. Kaminsky can help them win now better than anyone else in the top ten can. Pat Riley should take Kaminsky and run from the stage cackling, all while he orchestrates Kevin Durant and Kevin Love joining the Heat next year for the Evil Three 2.0.

Who They Will Pick: Myles Turner. There's one problem with this being a slam dunk; Riley, for all his greatness, is an average at best drafter. Remember how he took Michael Beasley number two over Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook in the 2008 draft, or how he had to be talked into taking Dwayne Wade of Chris Kaman back in 2004? Riles can talk free agents into town, but he's hit or miss with the draft board. I think he'll miss here, taking a shot on the younger, rawer Turner as opposed to a win now type like Kaminsky. Of course, for all I know the Heat will either trade this pick or take Hezonja and keep him overseas, thus saving them money they can then use to bring in Love, Westbrook and Durant in the next three offseasons. The Heat; they always win in the end. We just learn to deal with it.

That'll do it guys. I'll be back with two entries tomorrow, with picks 11-15 and 16-20, along with a video game/movie related column. Good times. Till then, get Bray Wyatt to the Lucha Underground! Actually, just get everyone over there. You too LeBron!

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