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2016 NBA Finals Cavaliers @ Warriors Game 7 Prediction

Updated on June 18, 2016

how kyrie lit up the warriors in game 5

Game prediction

Game 7 of the 2016 NBA finals is almost there. We will soon know who the champion will be.

I think the Cavaliers will win a close game within 5 points. Probably something like 110-105.

The reason I picked the cavaliers is that with Bogut out there is a lot less rim protection which showed in game 5 and game 6. LeBron will keep feasting on this and again get a great performance just as Kyrie Irving. The warriors small ball lineup of death is mostly working because of draymond green but given the fact that he needs to play a lot more minutes at center I feel like the death lineup will lose some of its effectiveness. Also Iguodala's versatility and especially his defence on LeBron has been key for these lineups, however he has some back problems if those problems are still there for game 7 the warriors will have a major problem which I think will happen.

It will still be a close game because Curry and Thompson are going to play well and role players like Shaun Livingston and Barbosa will also play good.

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Gane 7 Stat Predictions


LeBron James: 35 or more points, 10+ rebounds and 8+ assists

Kyrie Irving: 25+ Points 5+assists

Kevin Love: 15+ points 10+ rebounds

Tristan thompson: 10+ points 10+ rebounds


Stephen Curry: 30+ points

Klay Thompson: 25+ points

Green: stats are hard but he will not play as good as normal. Probably maximum of 10 points but on a bad percentage. Like 3-12 with some free throws.

Iguodala will also play less good than normal thanks to his back spasms. I think 5-7 points.

Please let me know what you think about my predictions in the comments.

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