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NBA Mock Draft 2013: The Atlanta Hawks Dominate Overseas In Second Half

Updated on June 27, 2013

Surprises abounded in the first half of the draft. Fans could expect more of the same as the big boards get a little murkier going into the second half where teams like the Atlanta Hawks hatch a few surprises.

#16 - Boston Celtics - Mason Plumlee - Center - Duke

The Three-party has come to an end. With Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett winding down the Boston Celtics need to start reloading their front court in order to build around Rajon Rondo. Mason Plumlee has a lot of doubters given how late he is coming out of college (23-years old) but the center proved to be equally good on offense and defense for Duke. His energy and experience can both come in handy for the rebuilding team.

#17 - Atlanta Hawks - Sergey Karasev - Forward - Russia

Draft experts wondered if the Atlanta Hawks would use their picks to move up but the opportunity wasn't there. So the team aims to fortify their roster with two young talents, starting with Sergey Karasev. With Josh Smith on his way out, the Russian forward can become a nice replacement given his intelligence, versatility and terrific shooting ability.

#18 - Atlanta Hawks - Rudy Gobert - Center - France

The overseas assault continues on the next pick. Having added Karasev to shore up their lineup, the Hawks look to stash talent for later. Rudy Gobert is not considered NBA ready yet but the French center stands 7'2" with a 7-8.5 wingspan and is already a solid blocker and rebounder. Keeping him in Europe for awhile will give him a chance to add strength and work on his offensive game.

#19 - Cleveland Cavaliers - Giannis Adetokunbo - Forward - Brazil

Another team looking to stow away some future help are the Cleveland Cavaliers. Giannis Adetokunbo has the body of a forward but can ball-handle and pass like a point guard. His improving jump shot has teams drooling. The problem is he's not ready. He needs time to work against better competition, which the Cavs will give him.

#20 - Chicago Bulls - Jamaal Franklin - Guard - San Diego State

Two buzz words that always hover around the Chicago Bulls draft strategy are "athletic" and "versatile." Jamaal Franklin is both. He led San DiegoState in points, rebounds, assists and steals and proved an excellent slasher against defenses. His defensive ability is pro ready but he will need time to work on his jump shot.

#21 - Utah Jazz - Gorgui Dieng - Center - Louisville

With Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson possibly leaving for free agency, the Utah Jazz must add young help to their front court. Gorgui Dieng developed into an outstanding interior defender and rebounder while helping Louisville win their first national title since 1986. His offensive impact is limited but the Jazz can't afford to complain.

#22 - Brooklyn Nets - Tony Mitchell - Forward - North Texas

It doesn't seem like the best idea considering the knock on the Brooklyn Nets for not playing hard, but they can't afford to pass up the talent of Tony Mitchell. Uber-athletically gifted with inside-out skills he can become a huge help to the team at least from the bench but motivating him is going to go down as their biggest challenge.

#23 - Indiana Pacers - Reggie Bullock - Guard - North Carolina

There is almost anything the Indiana Pacers can do with this pick but the smart thing is adding depth to their back court. David West and Danny Granger are both possible goners. That means an experienced, athletic scorer like Reggie Bullock would be a welcome addition to their young roster.

#24 - New York Knicks - Jeff Withey - Center - Kansas

The front court of Amare Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler are aging fast for the New York Knicks. If they want to get Carmelo Anthony a title they must keep adding big men who can defend the paint area. Jeff Withey did that better than anybody last season, leading the nation in blocked shots.

#25 - Los Angeles Clippers - Ricky Ledo - Guard - Providence

There are maturity issues at stake for any team that takes Ricky Ledo, but since the Los Angeles Clippers just traded for Celtics head coach Doc Rivers it is a risk they can take. Ledo brings loads of offensive potential that would compliment the defensive system Rivers is certain to install.

#26 - Washington Wizards - Allen Crabbe - Guard - California

While they don't have an immediate need for a guard, the Washington Wizards can't pass on Allen Crabbe. The versatile kid has a score-first mentality but backs it up with tenacious defense at the other end. His big issue will come down to how hard the coaches can get him to play.

#27 - (trade) Portland Trail Blazers - Glen Rice Jr. - Forward - Georgia Tech

Loaded up with three picks in the second round, the Portland Trail Blazers strike again. Having picked up help at center, they next look to add badly needed scoring to their bench with Glen Rice Jr., an athletic forward with a pretty jump shot and can defend using his solid athleticism.

#28 - San Antonio Spurs - Tony Snell - Guard - New Mexico

Being one win away from a championship usually hints a team like the San Antonio Spurs don't need much help but the fact is they are an aging team that could really use help in the wing. Tony Snell isn't a complete player but he is long, athletic and a terrific spot shooter that fits the Spurs half court approach.

#29 - Sacramento Kings - Mike Muscala - Forward - Bucknell

Having found their back court help earlier, the Sacramento Kings look for protection against the possible departure of center DeMarcus Cousins. Mike Muscala has flown under the radar a lot of late but there is no denying he can score from the inside out and is also proficient at rebounding and shot blocking.

#30 - Phoenix Suns - Tim Hardaway Jr. - Guard - Michigan

Having found their post player in Porter, the Phoenix Suns move their focus out to the back court. Tim Hardaway Jr. displayed great shooting touch at Michigan with the range to match. He also passes the ball well. The one area he need work is consistency on defense.


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