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First Round NBA Mock Draft 2014

Updated on June 24, 2014

NBA Draft 2014

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers take Jabari Parker with the first overall pick?
Will the Cleveland Cavaliers take Jabari Parker with the first overall pick? | Source

Cavs take top talent first overall

1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Select Jabari Parker, 6-8, 235 lbs. Small Forward from Duke. The Cavaliers currently have some impact young big men, but they need another quality perimeter player to complement Dion Waiters. They also need another star to pair with point guard Kyrie Irving.

2. Milwaukee Bucks - Select Joel Embiid, 7-0, 250 lbs. Center from Kansas. The Bucks are in complete rebuild mode and Joel Embiid would be the best player available with the second overall pick. With the Cavaliers likely to pass on Embiid because of the injury, the Bucks will not let him get past their pick as they take a huge step forward in their rebuilding effort.

3. Philadelphia 76ers - Select Andrew Wiggins, 6-8, 200 lbs. Shooting Guard from Kansas. The Sixers really want Andrew Wiggins and they have a need at shooting guard after trading Evan Turner last season. Wiggins may have the highest ceiling of any player in this draft, but he is not close to reaching his full potential yet. This makes him a fit with the Sixers as they are willing to be patient during their rebuilding effort.

4. Orlando Magic - Select Dante Exum, 6-6, 195 lbs. Shooting Guard/Point Guard from Australia. The Magic took Victor Oladipo with their first round draft pick last year, and now they will look to draft a guard to pair with him. Aaron Afflalo started at guard opposite Oladipo to end last season, but he profiles more as a range shooter off the bench. With Afflalo in place though, the Magic can let Exum develop behind him early on his career.

5. Utah Jazz - Select Marcus Smart, 6-4, 220 lbs. Point Guard from Oklahoma State. The Jazz will select Marcus Smart to start at the guard position next to Tret Burke, and he could take over the point guard position without Burke on the floor. Smart will provide the Jazz with an extremely athletic and versatile guard who has some size with the ability to create his own shot.

6. Boston Celtics - Select Julius Randle, 6-9, 250 lbs. Power Forward from Kentucky. With the Celtics in rebuilding mode, they will take the best player available with the sixth pick, despite the concerns about Randle's ankle injury. The Celtics already have Sullinger at the power forward position, but the upside of Randle will be too much to pass on at this point in the draft.

7. LA Lakers - Select Gary Harris, 6-4, 210 lbs. Shooting Guard from Michigan State. With the recent injuries to Kobe Bryant, and his future being in doubt, the Lakers are likely to take the best available shooting guard with the seventh pick. The Lakers could end up trading this pick if they make a move for proven NBA talent, in order to try to accelerate their rebuild.

8. Sacramento Kings - Select Noah Vonleh, 6-10, 240 lbs. Power Forward from Indiana. The Kings have a need for a quality big man to pair with DeMarcus Cousins along their backline. As one of the best players available at the pick, Noah Vonleh becomes the best and most logical draft pick at 8th overall.

9. Charlotte Hornets - Select Nik Stauskas, 6-6, 205 lbs. Shooting Guard from Michigan. After qualifying for the postseason a year ago, the Hornets proved that they have a pretty good roster. To improve their floor spacing, interior passing and outside shooting, the selection of Nik Stauskas could be key for them establish their offensive identity in the coming season.

10. Philadelphia 76ers - Select Rodney Hood, 6-8, 215 lbs. Small Forward from Duke. While the Sixers could use a Power Forward with this pick, they will probably take the best player available to help their rebuilding efforts. Adding Hood would go a long way in the Sixers rebuilding efforts, because it would give them a great wing player opposite Wiggins, assuming they are able to select him with their first pick in round one.

11. Denver Nuggets - Select Dario Saric, 6-10, 225 lbs. Small Forward from Croatia. With recent nagging injuries to Gallinari, the Nuggets will turn to another tall forward to be their future wing player. Saric will provide the Nuggets with excellent floor spacing and the outside shooting that they lacked at times last season. Saric is also a distributor who has the ability to make great passes off a shot fake from the perimeter.

12. Orlando Magic - Select Aaron Gordon, 6-9, 225 lbs. Power Forward from Arizona. After selecting an impact player with their first pick, the Magic will go for best available player again with their second pick in the first round. For them, it would be a huge draft if Aaron Gordon is still there, as a player at a position of need for Orlando.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves - Select Adreian Payne, 6-10, 245 lbs. Power Forward from Michigan State. With the trade of Kevin Love possibly looming, adding an impact big man in the first round would be a great pick for the Timberwolves. Payne is a drop off from Kevin Love short term, but he has a chance to develop into something special for Minnesota.

14. Phoenix Suns - Select James Young, 6-6, 215 lbs. Small Forward from Kentucky. As a team that just missed the playoffs last year, the Suns could use an impact wing player with a high ceiling. James Young fits the mold here as an athletic youngster who made great strides offensively late in his freshmen season at Kentucky.

15. Atlanta Hawks - Select Doug McDermott, 6-8, 225 lbs. Power Forward from Creighton. The Atlanta Hawks as a team that made the playoffs last season, could use some more offensive firepower. They will have some trouble finding a place for McDermott defensively, but he has enough athleticism to avoid hurting his team much when defending the wing.

16. Chicago Bulls - Select PJ Hairston, 6-6, 220 lbs. Shooting Guard from North Carolina. With Derrick Rose's future with the Bulls in doubt, they could really use some guard depth with their first round pick. Hairston already has experience in the NBA developmental league, so his experience as both a ball handler and shooter, make him a great fit for Chicago.

17. Boston Celitcs - Select TJ Warren, 6-8, 215 lbs. Small Forward from North Carolina State. The Celtics need a player who can make a large impact right away, and TJ Warren fits the mold as an athletic sophomore who is entering the draft. Celtics need for a wing player who can create a ton of offense will be met by selecting TJ Warren. Warren is also a player that has the potential to develop into a great defensive player in the NBA due to his strong work ethic and style of play.

18. Phoenix Suns - Select Jerami Grant, 6-8, 210 lbs. Small Forward from Syracuse. While the Suns have the Morris twins playing forward, both of them are big men without much skill from the perimeter. Jerami Grant is a versatile player with perimeter skills to make an impact early in his NBA career, with the ceiling to eventually develop into a star.

19. Chicago Bulls - Select Tyler Ennis, 6-2, 180 lbs. Point Guard from Syracuse. With their second pick in the first round, Chicago is likely to once again look to improve at the guard position. Ennis is a very athletic player who has a chance to become a great defender on one end, as well as a great distributor on the offensive end of the floor. If Derrick Rose is healthy in the upcoming season, the Bulls will have the luxury of letting Ennis develop at the NBA level before having to turn to him fulltime.

20. Toronto Raptors - Select Shabazz Napier, 6-1, 180 lbs. Point Guard from UConn. With Kyle Lowry potentially leaving as a free agent, the Raptors need to prepare for their future at the point guard position after making the postseason last year. As a four year college player and experienced winner, Napier fits the mold of what the Raptors will be looking for with their first round pick.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder - Select KJ McDaniels, 6-6, 200 lbs. Small Forward from Clemson. With Jeremy Lamb developing into a starting guard at the NBA level, the Thunder now need another wing player to provide depth and help to maintain quality play when Durant is on the bench. As a leader on the Clemson squad, the talented junior McDaniels, provides the Thunder with exactly what they need.

22. Memphis Grizzlies - Select Kyle Anderson, 6-9, 230 lbs. Small Forward from UCLA. After having made the playoffs last season and getting eliminated by the Thunder, Memphis will look to upgrade their scoring by adding depth on the wing. As a big wing player, Anderson would give the Grizzlies a chance to matchup better defensively with Kevin Durant in future playoff series.

23. Utah Jazz - Select DeAndre Daniels, 6-9, 295 lbs. Small Forward from UConn. DeAndre is a versatile and athletic player at the forward position who would provide the Jazz with exactly what they are looking for on the wing. Daniels' length should help him with his defensive game on the perimeter at the NBA level.

24. Charlotte Hornets - Select Clint Capella, 6-10, 211 lbs. Power Forward from Switzerland. After selecting a floor spacing shooter with their first pick in the round, the Hornets will opt to add depth down low. Capella is a raw player who is still growing into his long frame, but the sky is the limit for his potential at the power forward position.

25. Houston Rockets - Select Elfrid Payton, 6-3, 180 lbs. Point Guard from Louisiana-Lafayette. With a late first round selection and a very complete roster, the Rockets will take the player left on the board that has the highest ceiling. With the luxury of having him sit behind Jeremy Lin, the Rockets will be able to groom a player like Payton to become their point guard of the future.

26. Miami Heat - Select CJ Wilcox, 6-5, 195 lbs. Shooting Guard from Washington. This selection would be another high potential gem in the late first round at guard for the Miami Heat, after taking Norris Cole a couple of years ago. Wilcox would be groomed to replace Dwyane Wade, whether Wade ends up on the Heat next season or not.

27. Phoenix Suns - Select Glen Robinson III, 6-6, 220 lbs. Small Forward from Michigan. The Suns will look to add a third potential impact player in three selections when they add Robinson late in the first round. While Phoenix could look to add a point guard here, Robinson's potential may end up being too much to pass on this late in the first round.

28. LA Clippers - Select Nick Johnson, 6-3, 200 lbs. Shooting Guard from Arizona. The Clippers will look to add a future complement to Chris Paul with their first round pick. While Johnson is not a big wing player, his speed from the perimeter should make him effective at the next level. Being mentored by Chris Paul, should help him to have a successful NBA career.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder - Select James Michael McAdoo, 6-9, 230 lbs. Power Forward from North Carolina. McAdoo would provide the Thunder with depth at the forward position that they sorely lacked this season when Ibaka was injured. McAdoo is not quite the explosive athlete that Ibaka is, but he is more than capable of holding his own against other NBA big men. As an excellent rebounder with scoring and shot blocking ability, McAdoo will fit in well on a young Thunder squad.

30. San Antonio Spurs - Jusuf Nurkic, 6-11, 280 lbs. Center from Bosnia. Tim Duncan is closing in on the final years of his career, so it is in the best interest of the Spurs to draft his replacement. Nurkic has the size and ability to play with his back to the basket, but he also adds a finesse element to the game with his shooting ability.


NBA Draft 2014

Who do you believe will be taken with the first overall pick?

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    • Josh Ruga profile imageAUTHOR

      Joshua Ruga 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Frank, thanks for picking that up. I switched some things around and I did not adjust the Jazz's second pick in the first round to correspond with that.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Nice article but totally disagree with Utah Jazz picks. This mock suggest Randle (power forward) and Early (power forward). They have already Favors, Evans, Kanter and Gobert, missing small forward and SG. Clarkson, McDaniels, Anderson makes sense at #23, Gordon or Vonleh at #5.

    • Josh Ruga profile imageAUTHOR

      Joshua Ruga 

      4 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks for the comments guys. We will see what happens in a couple nights when it all goes down. This draft should be a great one, and Embiid could slide if NBA General Managers share your feelings on his future in the NBA.

    • Myles Siemsen profile image

      Myles Siemsen 

      4 years ago from Kenosha, WI

      Embiid only heightens that bad vibe all GMs should have about drafting a big man with injury issues. It's hard to go against history. All that mass moving and twisting at the highest level. Even Shaq and Yao started to crumble late in their careers. I got a feeling that Embiid will only give whatever team 4 or 5 solid seasons. Then injuries will get him. Hope the Bucks take Andrew.

    • Johnny Caito profile image

      Johnny Caito 

      4 years ago from SAN DIEGO

      I agree with the comment above about Joel Embiid. Really promising talent, and great skills for a big man, but injuries are already plaguing the young player. He was looking like the #1 pick, but I can't see him going to 5 now, due to his latest injury. I'm an Arizona fan, so I'm a bit of a homer, but Aaron Gordon is the biggest freak athlete in the draft. His shot will get better, and he'll be a great addition to any team. I think he should go around #4 or #5.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      4 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Good article. I'm a Wiggins guy. I think he fits in anywhere on any team. I would take him over Parker. There's something about Jabari Parker that bothers me. Not personal, just his game. Maybe because he's from Duke and they don't have a great history of NBA Hall of Famers. He's a little out of shape for the NBA right now. But Wiggins is the clear cut favorite in talent and drive. Forget Embiid. I heard this morning that he might not be able to even workout for 3 to 4 months. Would not touch him at all. He's done with his NBA future. Despite all the medical advances, at that size, injuries will still limit you. Voted up.


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