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NBA: Playoffs 2014 Conference Finals

Updated on May 24, 2014

Greg Popovich

The NBA season for the most part is a feat of strength. The preseason leading to an eighty two game campaign followed by a playoff run is a Tour de Force.

The playoffs are a good barometer of the teams involve. A true contender will flex its' muscles eventually and the underdogs will have to admit defeat.

Best of seven NBA playoff series are design to separate the contenders from pretenders, and only two things can change the predicted outcome...injuries and coaching. Injuries are out of a team's control, but coaching however is not.

A Head Coach will rely heavily on his staff in order to be successful during the NBA Playoffs and tacticians like the eccentric San Antonio Spurs' Head Coach Greg Popovich consistently get the absolute maximum from their players, and very rarely are out-coached.

Greg Oden has an opportunity to find redemption

Photo Heat Nation
Photo Heat Nation

A Shakespearean Tragedy

Redemption might be knocking a Greg Oden's door very soon. The Shakespearean Tragedy figure's number could be call soon during the Heat versus Pacers series and it has the potential to be the feel good story of the year in the NBA or...a cruel reminder of how unfair life can be at times.

Whatever happens, yours' truly would like to make a toast,

“…May the Sun always, be at your back and may life always grant you the happiness you deserve,Big Guy…Cheers!”

Oklahoma City Thunder's Erroneous Belief

Photo Yahoo Sports
Photo Yahoo Sports

"...We needed to keep James Harden,", Thunder Fan

The former NBA Darlings window of opportunity looks close. Trading James Harden has turn into a terrible decision on their part. The Miami Heat has the hardware to prove that there’s a way to keep three stars in one team. If the Thunder's decision was based on finances, then Serge Ibaka should had been the one to go, not James Harden.

Rim Protectors are nice to have, but a somewhat obsolete necessity in today’s NBA. With all due respect to all NBA centers out there, Michael Jordan won six titles with just serviceable rim protectors. The Thunder gambled and lost big on this decision.

Once Russell Westbrook was injured last season, Kevin Durant became a mark-man. Now with Ibaka's injury Oklahoma City just does not have the necessary pieces to beat San Antonio four times in a seven game series.

"...the trend in the NBA nowadays in order to win a title is to have a Big Three, not Two And A Half!", Thunder fan.

Conference Finals

  • San Antonio Spurs versus Oklahoma City

This would've been an intriguing match-up, but the injury to Serge Ibaka changed the complexion of this series completely. The last time these two teams played against each other in the playoffs San Antonio jumped all over Oklahoma City taking a 2~0 lead in the series, but the Thunder came back and eventually disposed of the Spurs by winning four straight.

  • Indiana Pacers versus Miami Heat

These two teams have been in a collision course since training camp open. The Pacers did take a more scenic route to the Eastern Conference Finals, but have arrive nevertheless. Paul George can not settle for matching LeBron James game, if Indiana wants to finally beat Miami.

The NBA's Final Four

  • Miami Heat

  • San Antonio Spurs

  • Indiana Pacers

  • Oklahoma City

Although hurting at this time, Tony Parker has been playing sensational, yet he rarely gets mention for MVP

Photo PapaOsoGomez.Com
Photo PapaOsoGomez.Com

Inside the NBA

Back in 2003 NBA Finals, when the San Antonio Spurs were playing the New Jersey Nets…Jason Kidd’s agent, with his client’s blessing of course, planted the following story right in the middle of the Finals,

“…Jason Kidd, would be signing with the Spurs as a free-agent, next season!”

Needless to say the Media ran wild with the rumor and speculations at the time, but at some point during the frenzy Greg Popovich pulled his young point guard, Tony Parker aside and told him,

“…Son, no matter what anybody says…you’re my guy!”.

And Tony Parker has been playing his heart out for the man every San Antonio Spur calls Pops ever since.

Steve Kerr to coach Warriors, turns down Knicks

Steve Kerr's decision did surprise his fellow NBA Alumni, but history favors the bold

"...It's not the same coaching from inside a TV Studio, than doing it for real,", quote continues, "..but Steve doesn't want to be perceive throughout the NBA as Phil Jackson's lackey,", end quote.

It is a valid point. Phil Jackson does cast a very large shadow and it would have been much easier for Kerr to join the rebuilding project in New York than to accept what would be a high expectations coaching position at Golden State. After all Kerr does not have any coaching experience and his executive career with the Phoenix Suns from 2007 thru 2010 was not trending.

Obviously his decision was influenced by backhanded complements and criticism from his own peers. Back on the earlier part of the month of May ESPN First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless were highly critical on whether Steve Kerr was qualified for the New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, or Los Angeles Lakers' head coaching positions.

"...Is going to be a very, very interesting summer,", Shaquille O'Neal.

"What the hell did Steve Kerr do to become some golden boy?" - Stephen A. Smith

Photo @Basket_Express via Dimemag.Com
Photo @Basket_Express via Dimemag.Com

Welcome Back Stan Van Gundy

The Detroit Pistons' vision and mission statement is clear. Stan Van Gundy must evaluate each player, and overhaul the Pistons’ moribund culture. It's a tricky endeavor to be both a coach, while at the same time being one the team’s top front-office decision-makers. This dual role has always been difficult to maintain because a coach sometimes needs to rip into his players, but exactly, how does a coach act unfamiliar with his players limitations, when...he hand pick them in the first place?

Van Gundy has been the victim of front office and players' issues before, so to him this dual role must be a welcome perk. In 2005, he was force to resign as head coach of the Miami Heat and in 2012, he was basically low bridge by Dwight Howard in Orlando.

The former self appointed super hero has been an absolute villain these last few years, along with the addition of his former teammates, Dwight Howard has compiled an impressive list of victims during his NBA career,

  • Stan Van Gundy

  • former Orlando Magic's GM Otis Smith

  • the Orlando Magic and their fans

  • Mike Brown

  • Mike D'Antoni

  • current Los Angeles Lakers' GM Mitch Kupchak

  • the Los Angeles Lakers and their fans

The former self appointed super hero, Dwight Howard is now a villain

Photo The Orlando Sentinel
Photo The Orlando Sentinel

Silent Protest

Photo Huffington Post
Photo Huffington Post

The Los Angeles Clippers have an opportunity to write their own chapter in African-American history books

These are uncomfortable times not only in Los Angeles, but throughout the nation and history is knocking on the Los Angeles Clippers' front door.

Donald Sterling has dig his heels in, refusing to subject himself to any NBA sanctions and claiming that, quote,

"...has done nothing wrong and that no punishment is warranted,"

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has sent a letter to the National Basketball Association telling the league he won't pay his $2.5 million fine and rejecting his lifetime ban.

The letter also threatens the NBA with a lawsuit if Sterling's punishment for making racist remarks, handed down by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in April, is not rescinded.

It must be always sunny and warm inside that head of his.

Every cause needs a champion, whether it was Brooklyn Dodger’s President, Branch Rickey choosing Jackie Robinson to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball, Vietnam War Protesters choosing to stand as one behind Muhammad Ali against the US Supreme Court or the Civil Movement finding Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a just cause will always find a champion!

The Clippers have an opportunity to write their own chapter in African-American history books by boycotting and refusing to play for an ogre who clearly beliefs that they're beneath him.

"...if they do not stand up to that tyrant and hide behind somebody like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, then it would mean that the blood has gotten thin,", Civil Rights Advocate.

Photo AP, Getty Images, NYPost.Com
Photo AP, Getty Images, NYPost.Com


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