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NBA: Playoffs 2014 Semi~Finals News

Updated on May 16, 2014

Donald Sterling's a horrible person, CNN's Anderson Cooper looked very uncomfortable talking to him and hearing the words coming out his mouth!

At the moment the NBA playoffs are in uncharted March Madness like waters. The first round of the playoffs has set the bar very high for the NBA Semi-Finals,

  • Three game sevens in the first round of the playoffs

  • A record eight first round games which went into overtime

  • And, another record, twenty-four road wins by visiting teams

Perhaps, the most news worthy NBA first round, ever

Kevin Durant's home newspaper, The Oklahoman deems Durant to be “Mr. Unreliable” in a headline
Los Angeles Clippers' owner, Donald Sterling's racist rants get him banned from the NBA for life
The Washington Wizards found themselves as one of the best five seeds in the history of the Eastern Conference Playoffs
Damian Lilliard last second three pointer unleashes Blazer Mania
The Indiana Pacers find themselves in the middle of a meltdown
The Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers engage in a post-game altercation, and security has to intervene
Zach Randolph's suspension is the deciding factor in the Oklahoma City and Memphis series
Hundreds of Toronto Raptors' fans stand outside Maple Leaf Square to watch on a video monitor the Raptors and Brooklyn Nets play

Damian Lillard unleashes Blazer Mania

Hundreds of Toronto Raptors' fans stand outside Maple Leaf Square to watch on a video monitor the Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets play


Miami wins series

  • Brooklyn Nets versus Miami Heat

Every game the Nets win in this series is going to be the biggest win in their young history. The reality is that the Miami Heat has LeBron James and the Brooklyn Nets do not.

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have done exactly what they were brought in for, but the rest of Nets have to step up or this series can be over in five games. Deron Williams is the key player for Brooklyn.

The defending NBA Champions, Miami Heat, are a nightmare to deal with at the moment defensively. LeBron James' supporting cast just continues to play well and the Nets have only two choices…stay with the shooters or get dunk on.

The San Antonio Spurs wins series

  • Portland Trail Blazers versus San Antonio Spurs

Portland was just overwhelm by San Antonio in this series. Tony Parker has been playing sensational, although Parker has been playing this way for the last couple years now, yet he rarely gets mentioned in the Most Valuable Player Race.

Everyone is always talking about the Spurs' aging Big Three, but... never doubt the heart of a champion!

With Tony Parker leading them and Greg Popovich as head coach, the Spurs just continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference.

Indiana Pacers wins series

  • Indiana Pacers versus Washington Wizards

John Wall‘s breakthrough this season for the Washington Wizards, beyond staying healthy, has been his ability to take the team’s pulse. Graduation time has arrived for him. The Washington Wizards will only go as far as John Wall takes them from now on.

On the other hand, the Indiana Pacers have to reach the Eastern Conference Finals--or better. The Pacers are loaded with talent. and there’s absolutely no reason for them not to be in the Eastern Conference Finals, that being said…Indiana has been struggling monumentally in the playoffs..

Finding themselves in a 3-1 deficit the Washington Wizards do not appear ready for Prime Time!

Finding themselves in a 3-1 deficit the Washington Wizards do not appear ready for Prime Time!

No matter what Pacer's upper management says, Frank Vogel is coaching for his job ~ Photo BleacherReport.Com
No matter what Pacer's upper management says, Frank Vogel is coaching for his job ~ Photo BleacherReport.Com

Oklahoma City wins series

  • Los Angeles Clippers versus Oklahoma City Thunder

The Los Angeles Clippers can live with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant's numbers, but what they absolutely can not allow is Westbrook and Durant's supporting cast to play well.

The Clippers blow out win over the Thunder in game one is the only easy occurrence which has happen in Los Angeles this month. Oklahoma City takes a 2-1 lead in the Western Conference semifinal series heading into a Game 4, then blows a 20 plus point lead and allows Los Angeles to tie series 2-2.

This series has seven games written all over it.

Oklahoma City needs Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook supporting cast to play well in this series in order to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Kevin Durant gives his mother a touching tribute after winning Most Valuable Player Award

Photo Yahoo Sports
Photo Yahoo Sports

The Oklahoman did itself a huge disservice by using the slandering headline Mr. Unreliable to describe Kevin Durant.

The headline was a below the belt journalism tactic to create publicity and sell newspapers, which it has. Durant was genuinely hurt when he was inform of his home state newspaper actions, Kevin Durant donated a million dollars of his own money a few years ago to help rebuilding homes for the victims of the tornadoes which devastated Oklahoma and personally survey the affected areas.

It is also hardly known that Durant, like the majority of current NBA players, has tattoos. However, out of respect to his mother's wishes, Durant keeps the body art unnoticeable.

Kevin Durant is a class act and a credit to the game of basketball.

The consensus around the NBA is that Deron Williams is overrated, and that if he ever was going to turn into a real basketball icon, he would've done so by now

Photo Vibe.Com
Photo Vibe.Com

Mark Jackson fired by Golden State Warriors

Photo FanNation.Com
Photo FanNation.Com

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Evidently the reports and rumors referring to a rift between General Manager Bob Myers and Head Coach Mark Jackson were seriously understated.

The Warriors had made the playoffs only once in seventeen years before Jackson arrived. Under his leadership Golden State has made the playoffs three consecutive years, so obviously the decision to fire Mark Jackson was not made exclusively on wins and losses.

Coaching aside, Jackson does have a difficult personality to deal with and it was uncomfortable to hear him start almost every press conference with the “…back, in my day..” speech.

Jackson did not endear himself around the NBA when he accused years ago former Denver Nugget's--and veteran--head coach George Karl of using Hit Men Tactics against his players during a press conference.The accusations did not sit well throughout the NBA.

Many felt it was hypocritical of Mark Jackson specially, since the NBA had to install the Mark Jackson Rule during his playing days because of his own tactics, .

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