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NCAA Oregon Ducks Suspend RB LeGarrette Blount For Season

Updated on September 5, 2009

Did Legarrette Blount get what he deserved when the Oregon Ducks slapped him with a season long suspension? Under the circumstances, yes, it was the right call for Oregon to suspend him for the season. Chip Kelly is in his first year as a head coach and he needed to make it clear that he wasn't going to allow his players to act like lunatics which is exactly what Blount did. Honestly Byron Hout deserved exactly what he got as well, if your going to tap players on the shoulder and taunt them like an asshole then maybe you shouldn't have a glass jaw. I don't think the punch is what got Blunt in trouble because if it were just the punch I think he would have gotten a two or four game suspension. When Blount started hitting his teammates and trying to go into the crowd, that's when he really got himself in trouble because that could have easily escalated into what happened between the Pistons and the Pacers a few years ago.

Getting caught up in the moment and losing your head is one thing but to lose your cool three different times in a matter of minutes is something completely different. Blount is a very talented running back so I'm sure he is going to pop up on an NFL team next year as an undrafted free agent or a late round draft pick. His actions cost him millions because he was slated to go as high as early second round before all of this happened, hopefully a light wallet and a few anger management courses will help Blount learn from what he has done because if it doesn't he won't be in the NFL very long either......then again look how long Pac-Man Jones has lingered in the NFL. An undeserved comparison at this point but anything is possible.

In closing I'd just like to mention that it really saddens me that its 2009 and this incident has pretty much sparked a race war in comment boxes all over the Internet. Honestly can't people examine something without automatically turning into racists about it? I realize that the Internet allows people to say things they normally wouldn't say because they aren't held accountable but I didn't know that deep down so many people were still stuck on the color of somebodies skin. There was only half as much outrage when Robert Reynolds defeated Jim Sorgi in the first round of their UFC fight......oh wait, that happened in the middle of a NCAA game and it wasn't really a fight, Reynolds just took it upon himself to choke the hell out of Sorgi. All that needs to be said is that under the circumstances Blount got the punishment he deserved there is no need and no room for ignorant bullshit.


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    • EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image

      Kelly W. Patterson 8 years ago from Las Vegas, NV.

      I think that was as much about them losing and the way they lost as it was about the actual incident. Somebody is going to get a solid running back in the fifth round next season.

    • richbrown80 profile image

      richbrown80 8 years ago

      ya dude, he def. needed to get suspended. If he would have just knocked that dude out 4 game suspension, but trying to get into the stands, whole year