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2012 AFC East Predictions

Updated on July 9, 2012

New England Patriots 12-4

What a shocker "Tom Terrific" and the Pats will be at the top of the AFC East for the 4th strait year. "The Golden Boy" will have another Brady type season, Danny Woodhead and "The Law Firm" will have a good season in the backfield and the defense will improve from last year.

New York Jets 9-7

The pressure is on for Mark Sanchez "The Sanchize" with Tim Tebow Breathing down his neck, even though us rational people know Tebow isn't even in Sanchez's area code when it comes to QB skills. Baring all of this we know there is a good chance for a repeat of last year and Tebow might take the job in the middle of the season. Even though there is all this drama the Jets have a pretty favorable schedule and should end up in second place in the east.

Buffalo Bills 8-8

"The Amish Rightful" Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills are flying under the radar like usual, although I don't think they'll push their way into the playoffs this season they certainly are a team on the rise. Many might forget that they started the season 5-2 last year before there major collapse where they went 1-8 to finish the season.

Miami Dolphins 5-11

Whether it's Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, or David Garrard the Dolphins will struggle this season even though they do have some up sides such as Danial Thomas, Reggie Bush, a decent defense, and a good young Rookie QB who I think has a bright future a head of him. The Dolphins will improve throughout the next couple of years but 2012 is not their time yet.

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    • profile image

      frank 5 years ago

      great predictions you are an intelligent analyst