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NFL Coaches on the Hotseat-2014

Updated on February 24, 2014

High Expectations = High Pressure

In the NFL every coach has high expectations to win placed on them by their fans, owners and others in the organization. Some coaches barely hang on to their jobs and start the season in a situation where every week they are coaching for their jobs.

The coaches I have listed here are in my opinion to have a shaky hold on their job. Of course this list will change throughout the season.

Dennis Allen-Oakland Raiders


Dennis Allen-Oakland Raiders

Dennis Allen got off to a rocky start in the AFC West Division with the Oakland Raiders. His Raiders turned in 4-12 seasons in both 2012 and 2013.

Raiders owner Mark Davis was expected to fire Allen after the 2013 season, but has shown amazing restraint and patience with the coach.

To be fair, the Raiders handed Allen a team that was hamstrung with terrible trades that limited their draft choices and they also had severe salary cap issues. A good portion of their salary cap number was for players that are no longer with the team. General Manager Reggie McKensie is expected to provide Allen with a much better talent pool this year.

Hopefully 2014 is a better year for Allen or he will find himself on the outside looking in

Dennis Allen Head Coaching Record

2012 Oakland
2013 Oakland

Jason Garrett-Dallas Cowboys


Jason Garrett-Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett may have one of the toughest jobs in all of football. He has an owner(Jerry Jones) that expects to go to the Super Bowl every year, and Jones is the team's General Manager so he meddles in all football decisions. Garrett also finds himself in a situation where he makes very few decisions about the way the Cowboys play. He doesn't call the plays on offense or defense. Jones has hired other coaches to do that.

Garrett has no choice in hiring of assistant coaches and to be honest has little choice in anything. He has some goodwill with the team based on his 8 year playing career with the Cowboys and his yes, sir attitude.

Garrett's employment is based solely on the whim of Jerry Jones, and I would think that is a mighty hot seat to fill.

Jason Garrett-Head Coaching Record

Head Coaching Record
2010 Record Dallas
2011 Record Dallas
2012 Record Dallas
2013 Record Dallas

Jim Harbaugh-San Francisco 49ers


Jim Harbaugh-San Francisco

Jim Harbaugh seems like a very unlikely character to end up on this list. News reports from both the Bay area and the Draft Combine says that the relationship between Harbaugh and 49'ers management is broken. Harbaugh will not speak to the general manager or the team president. He will not take phone calls from them, will only respond to emails.

Observers seem to think Harbaugh wants to create a standoff where the ownership has to replace either him or the management team.


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