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NFL Fantasy Football 2012: Week 2 In Review.

Updated on September 20, 2012

Fantasy Football: Week 2

Week number two of the NFL fantasy football season hit me head on like an incoming train. After losing two very close games in two different leagues during week number one, I managed to tie with my opponent in the third league I'm in. Although things didn't quite go my way during week one, I kept a positive and optimistic attitude looking towards week 2. Despite my positive outlook heading in the second week of the still young season, I found myself sorely disappointed. Not just in one way, but several ways. Here is the week 2 breakdown on how things went for my fantasy teams in the various leagues I'm participating in.

Chargers tight end Antonio Gates was a last minute scratch last week. Fantasy owners had to find a replacement for Gates. Unfortunately, I was too late.


ESPN: The Screwshop 2012 Week 2 Review.

Final Score: 104-115.

If you read my week 1 review of what transpired in this league, you know that I initially ended up tying with the person I was playing against. The original score ended up being 103-103. However, about halfway through last week, I noticed a change in my record. I noticed that the tie turned into my losing by one point. I'm not quite sure what happened with that. The only thing I can come up with is that someone on his team's statistics were wrong after the first weeks games. I started to question the league manager about this, but I decided to just let it be. Just like week number 1, I came into week 2 projected to win. However, I had several players that needed watching leading up to the games. Mainly due to to injury related issues. One of those players was San Diego Chargers tight end, Antonio Gates. Gates injured his ribs against the Oakland Raiders in week 1, and was questionable heading into week 2. After following the reports on Gates during the week, it appeared that he was going to play. Unfortunately for me, I took a trip out of town last weekend that involved a five hour long drive. I headed back home on Sunday, and upon arriving at my computer, I found out that Gates wouldn't be playing. How does that suck? What did this mean? Yep, that's right - a big fat 0 for my tight end spot. I went onto to lose this week, but not because of Gates. I got limited production from spots that were projected to do well. Those players include: Tom Brady, Andre Johnson, and Steven Jackson. The guy I was playing against had two players that put up monster fantasy numbers. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, and Dolphins running back Reggie Bush both had huge fantasy weeks. If both Bush and Manning would've put up lackluster numbers, I would have most likely won this week. So for all my optimism and hope, I'll headed into week number three with an 0-2 record.

Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw's injury in week 2 left his fantasy owners disappointed.

Source The Turf 13.

Final score: 107.50-119.00

If you refer back to my week 1 review of this league, you would know that I lost by a narrow margin(121.00 to 117.50). The lead up to week number 2 was interesting in this particular league. I received several messages from one of the other players about making some potential trades. Due to my heading out of town -- and being limited from computer use, nothing transpired from a trade standpoint. However, there is a possibility that something may be worked out with this member in the next few days. Unlike the events in the first week of this league, I received great production from my wide receivers this week. Both Vincent Jackson and Dwayne Bowe scored 20 points or more, and Saints tight end Jimmy Graham was his usual productive self. What done it for me this week was two things. First, New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw injured his neck, and had to leave from the game. Secondly, Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers had a lackluster performance against a tough Chicago Bears defense. It also didn't help that the guy I was playing against had Reggie Bush on his team. Bush had a huge day fantasy wise against the Oakland Raiders, and effectively helped put the nail in the coffin of me winning in this league, or the previous league I mentioned. Just like the Screwshop 2012 league, I've fallen to 0-2 in this league as well. Starting out this way wasn't the ideal scenario, but that's unfortunately how things have aligned for me thus far. Hopefully things can be turned around this week.

Washington Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin III's strong performances over the past two weeks has impressed many fantasy owners.


Yahoo: Da League.

Final score: 67-95

My third and final league found me playing against my good friend. If you recall from the previous article, I mentioned that I got involved in this league through a friend of mine. I didn't want to play against him so soon, but that's how the chips on the schedule fell. Just like in the previous two leagues, the original projections had me picked to win. However, several of my key players struggled mightily this week. Victim number 1, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. Romo struggled against the Seattle Seahawks in a week 2 loss. This hurt me even more since I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan. Victim number 2, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, Julio Jones. Jones had a monster first week putting up 26 fantasy points in this league for me. However, he was limited to just 1 point this week. The final 3 victims include: Andre Johnson(Texans), Chris Johnson(Titans), and Steven Jackson(Rams). All three of these guys were basically non-factors from a fantasy football perspective. The Tennessee Titans seem to have a lot of problems right now, and Chris Johnson is suffering greatly because of them. I drafted Johnson with my first pick in this draft, and he has done little to nothing. I'm really going to have to rethink my strategy heading into the next few weeks. I have Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III on my team, and he has been great his first couple of weeks in the NFL. Unfortunately, I haven't started him yet. The option of putting him over Romo is definitely possible for week 3. I also left 13 fantasy points from Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace on the bench. Leaving those points on the bench hurt my team as well. There are only 8 teams in this league, and I'm currently in sixth place with my 0-2 record. Once again, not the ideal scenario.


So to sum it all up, I've yet to win a game in fantasy football this year. I've come up short in all three of my leagues during these first couple of weeks. I'm really hoping that this third week -- which starts tonight, will bring me some better luck. As I mentioned earlier, I'm considering some different strategies for this week in order to get that first win. Hopefully next time I do a review, I'll be basking in fantasy glory with that first win under my belt. That's it for week number 2. Feel free to leave comments about your fantasy teams in the comment section. Good luck to all on the fantasy gridiron during week 3.


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    • prospectboy profile image

      Bradrick H. 5 years ago from Texas

      Hey there eHealer. Glad to hear someone besides me is having luck this season so far lol. CJ Spiller has been a great pickup during Fred Jackson's absence. For your sake, I hope he is able to keep putting up those great points. Martellus Bennett is also a great pickup as well. No I don't think you're getting greedy. You're just going for it all, and there is nothing wrong with that. Thanks for viewing and commenting like you always do. I appreciate it a lot, and good luck on tomorrows games.

    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Prospectboy, I won last week again~! I can't believe it! CJ Spiller did me good with 44 points! I am ecstatic, right now I got Bennett playing and so far only 7 points. I want to win again this week, am I getting greedy? Great hub and love it! Your fan and sports fan!