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NFL Fantasy Football 2012: Week 8 In Review.

Updated on November 3, 2012

Fantasy Football Week 8.

So week number 8 of the NFL season has come and gone. We're at the stage of the year where changes begins to occur. The weather begins to get colder, the time changes, and the holidays begin to approach. It almost doesn't feel like this NFL season has reached it halfway point. Before we get into this week's review, I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy in some way. Being that I'm from the Gulf Coast, I've experienced several hurricanes, and you never get used to hearing that your area might be affected by one. I wish everyone on the east coast a speedy and safe recovery. Now it's time to get into how week 8 of fantasy football went for me. One league remained constant, while the other two continue to produce both good and bad weeks. Please read on.

Tom Brady's performance against the St. Louis Rams in London propelled the Patriots to a 45-6 win, and gave me my third victory of the season in this league.


ESPN: The Screwshop 2012 Week 8 Review.

After suffering a blowout and dare I say heartbreaking loss in week 7, I went into week 8 in this league with an "it's whatever attitude". If I win fine that's great, and if I lose, then it's always next year. Often times, great things happen when we don't expect much, and that's exactly what happened in week 8. Got some amazing production from a few players. First off, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Brady carved up the St. Louis Rams defense on route to 36 fantasy points. The running backs that I've been using in this league have been fairly sketchy overall. However, there has been one who has been somewhat consistent. That would be Denver Bronco's running back Willis McGahee. The veteran running back ran for 122 yards and a touchdown againsts the New Orleans Saints. The final result was 19 fantasy points, which meant that McGahee met his projected total. The final outcome of this week was a 113-74 win for me. Now that Tom Brady will be on a bye week for week 9, I'm stuck with using Josh Freeman this week. It's fine though, Freeman has been great from a fantasy perspective lately. Hopefully this trend will continue, and I'll be able to get another win under my notch.

Tampa Bay's Doug Martin, found a lot of success against the Minnesota Vikings defense.

Source The Turf 13 Week 8 Review.

If someone made the statement that this particular league is the one that I'm having the most success, I would call that an understatement. Because I've been having so much success in this league, I'll admit that I probably haven't been paying as much attention to it like the others. After all, I'm doing well in this league, and fighting for playoffs spots in the others. After losing the first two games of the year in this league, I've ran off a string of five straight wins. That spark provided momentum, which pushed me into second place overall in the standings. It also gave me more margin for error in upcoming weeks. Well I'm happy to report that the streak continues, and I've now won six straight games with an 122.50-106.00 victory. Remember me telling you all about the trade I made last week? The trade appeared to have paid off for me, especially this week. Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte is the player I acquired in exchange for Buffalo Bills running back, C.J. Spiller. Forte had a fairly impressive game against the Carolina Panthers last week, and gave an output of 17.50 fantasy points. However, the biggest surprise of the week was Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin. Martin ran for 135 rushing yards, and a rushing touchdown. He also had 79 receiving yards, and a a receiving touchdown to go along with it. Martin's 33.50 fantasy points were the highlight for my team in this league. New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham made his return from injury against the Denver Broncos, and scored 14.50 fantasy points. Welcome back Jimmy! It was another good week for me in this league. With the number one ranking in the standings, I can't help but to be all smiles here. Too bad I can't say the same for the other leagues eh?

Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins struggled against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Yahoo: Da League Week 8 Review.

After finally battling and getting myself into playoff contention, I knew that it would be a rough go in week 8. I was facing the second place team this week, and a good portion of my players had tough match-ups. The biggest two disappointments for my team this week were Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, and the Minnesota Vikings defense. Yahoo had Griffin projected to put up 21 fantasy points. However, a tough match-up against the Pittsburgh Steelers limited Griffin to only 10 fantasy points. As much as I was disappointed with Griffin's results, I don't really hold it against him. Pittsburgh's defense makes things hard for any quarterback. I got zero points this week in the Defense position. Yep that's right, a big fat goose egg from the Vikings. All of this resulted in a 96-107 defeat. It's unfortunate, because a win would have moved me into fourth place. The biggest spotlights for me this week were Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones with 25 fantasy points, and Patriots running back Stevan Ridley with 23 points. Unfortunately for me, the quarterback my opponent had was Atlanta Falcons's QB Matt Ryan, who was throwing to Julio Jones. I left 25 points on the bench with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Also, if I would have started the San Diego Chargers defense instead of the Vikings, I would have won. San Diego only produced 16 fantasy points, but anything beats a zero. Back to the drawing board I go.


Week number 8 is now in the books. The final results of the week were 2-1 in the three leagues I'm playing in. Here is a look at how the standings are after week 8.

  • ESPN: The Screwshop 2012: 3-5 (9th place out of 10 teams).
  • The Turf 13: 6-2 (1st place out of 12 teams).
  • Yahoo: Da League: 3-5 (5th place out of 8 teams).

Week number 9 of the NFL season begins tonight with the Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Diego Chargers. Make sure you all get your lineups set if you have any players playing tonight. The 2012 fantasy football season is nearing it's home stretch, and every week counts now. Good luck to all this week, and thanks for reading.


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