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NFL Insider Week 15 Review

Updated on December 18, 2011
Kyle Orton threw for 300 yards and led the Chiefs over the unbeaten Packers in his first start with the team
Kyle Orton threw for 300 yards and led the Chiefs over the unbeaten Packers in his first start with the team

Packers Fall

The 1972 Dolphins are safe for another year. There is a classic case of what happened here. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers simply got too cocky. I can't blame them though. All you ever hear when you turn on the TV is how great Rodgers is and how the Packers are unbeatable and may be the best team ever. Heads swelled and injuries to that offensive line assisted the Kansas City Chiefs in beating the Packers and holding that explosive Green Bay offense in check the entire game. Going forward, I really expect that line to struggle against a good pass rush. They have too many guys banged up. Now that being undefeated is out of the question, the Packers will still win next week against Chicago, and will then rest their players against the Lions, which will allow the Lions to clinch their first playoff birth since 99.

Let's not take away what the Chiefs did in this game. Kyle Orton provided stability at QB and the defense stepped up huge today. It was a great site seeing Romeo Crennel be able to celebrate the victory on the sideline with a Gatorade bath from his players. The Chiefs are still not a good football team, but they really got up for this game and showed the people at home that you never know who is going to win on any given Sunday.

Tebow and company get pounded today by the Patriots
Tebow and company get pounded today by the Patriots

No Tebow Magic This Week

Tim Tebow played fairly well today throughout most of the game, but the defense didn't have enough to stop Tom Brady and the Patriots. I said it before the game; the Broncos hadn't really beaten anyone during this winning streak. They are a good enough team to win close games against bad opponents, but they can't score with the elite teams in the league. The bad thing is all we will hear this week is how bad Tebow is and all the "I told you so's" by Merrill Hoge on ESPN. I personally think the guy has made some great strides and this loss was not his fault. It was a team loss just like all the wins were team victories. If they can hold on and make the playoffs, I really don't see them getting out of the first round, especially if they play a high caliber offense.

Donald Brown has a huge game and helps the Colts get their first victory
Donald Brown has a huge game and helps the Colts get their first victory

Colts Get First Win Of The Season

The Colts defense stepped up big and dominated Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans today. Matt Hasselback looked awful and was benched late in the game. He have probably seen the last of him for the Titans as they look ahead to the Jake Locker era. Donald Brown finally showed up and gave the Colts a running game, including a game clinching 80 yard TD run in the fourth quarter.

Peyton Manning also has been throwing the ball with pads on, which is a good sign for the Colts looking forward to 2012. He won't suit up at all this year, but they will definitely look forward to having him healthy next season.

Bill Polian has hinted that he would keep Caldwell as his head coach if they were able to win a game this season. I was really hoping they wouldn't so they could go after Jeff Fisher, but it looks like we may be stuck with Caldwell for another season here in Indianapolis.

Other Notable News in Week 15

- Drew Brees has 4,780 yards and is in position to crush Dan Marino's single season passing record

- The Browns blow a 10 point fourth quarter lead and have now lost 10 or more games 8 out of the last 10 seasons

- The Raiders blow a 13 point fourth quarter lead to the Lions and are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs after trading their future away for Carson Palmer

- Don't look now but the Eagles can still win the NFC East. They play the Cowboys next weekend and if they can win and the Giants lose to the Jets, they are right in the thick of things going into week 17


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    • Bigpayno profile image

      Bigpayno 5 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

      The reason I think they got cocky because they were looking past the Chiefs. They had it planned out when they were going to come out of the game because they thought they'd blow them out. Maybe it was more them looking past Kansas City than being cocky, but nonetheless, I think they were caught off guard. The receivers dropping passes and being penalized tells me they weren't mentally taking this team seriously. They were smacked in the mouth yesterday. I agree with the injuries on the line. That's going to cause them some problems going forward. I don't see why they would keep their starters in week 17 if they win next week. It would be foolish, especially with that line, leaving Rodgers exposed for nothing against a dirty Detroit front.

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 5 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      I don't think the Packers got too cocky. Does expecting to win every week make a team cocky? The problem was that the line has been playing very poorly, especially in pass protection, and starting players one after another have been going down due to injury. I guess the Pack miss Jennings more than I thought, and all of the drops, especially the ones by Finley didn't help. I disagree and can't see the Packers resting their starters against the Lions. Great hub!