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2018 NFL Mock Draft - First 12 Overall Picks

Updated on December 15, 2017

NFL Mock Draft

First Off

I want to say I am writing this on December 14, 2017, so the final draft order isn't decided yet but this is how the draft order looks right now, plus to first few picks are pretty much set. Also, I will put the pictures of only the first 10 picks of the round. Each player in the top ten will have an NFL comparison as well.

With the first overall pick, the Cleveland Browns select:

Sam Darnold, Quarterback USC
Sam Darnold, Quarterback USC

Sam Darnold

Personally, I think the Browns should trade this pick for more first round picks next year since the draft is so good next year.

Regardless, the Browns will not trade their pick and will end up taking Sam Darnold. Darnold seemed like the clean cut first overall pick ever since he beat Josh Rosen and his UCLA Bruins in the Trojan victory where he threw for 264 yards and one interception. Despite his lack-luster stats he seemed to b e the most NFL ready when it comes to playing style, he can be a gunslinger and can do it accurately.

NFL Draft analysis: He can chuck the ball downfield easily and accurately, he can make relatively good decisions with the ball and can do extremely well in difficult decisions. Although, in the modern age of football quarterbacks tend to be running a lot more. Therefore, to be an elite quarterback in the NFL these days you need to be able to run the ball.

NFL Comparison: Aaron Rodgers

2nd overall: New York Giants select:

Lamar jackson, QB Louisville
Lamar jackson, QB Louisville

Lamar Jackson

Wether it's his sophomore year that everyone is impressed by, or his junior year that saw him put up very similar stats, you have to agree that Lamar Jackson is one hell of a quarterback. He's one of the greatest duel threat to every play college football. Many mock drafts have him going as low as 12th to the Cardinals (Which I do hope happens since I am a cardinal fan) I have to put him up here because he can make plays that almost no one else can. He ran for 3,974 yards and 49 touchdowns in his three year long career with a 6.3 yards per carry average, he passed for a solid 8,872 yards and 67 touchdowns and only 23 interceptions. While he had two seasons with 1400+ rushing, 3400+ passing, and 15+ rushing touchdowns, he also led the Cardinals to a 24-13 record and three bowl games, in which he has played two so far and won one of them. He is 6 foot three inches and 221 pounds.

My Draft analysis: He can make plays that no one else can, he can turn a -2 yard run into a downfield explosion for a touchdown. He can throw accurately downfield and from short range, he has good awareness and has great quarterback IQ with the ball. He has the build to be able to run the ball as much as he does as well as the skill and ball carrier vision, he can break tackles over and over again as well as be able to juke left and right with ease and speed.

NFL Comparison: Randall Cunningham

3rd overall: Indianapolis Colts select:

Josh Rosen, QB UCLA
Josh Rosen, QB UCLA

Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen lost his chance at the first overall pick when he lost the Trojan war, although I doubt he wanted to go to the browns in the first place. The Colts need a quarterback as Andrew Luck has fallen off and is now facing bad injuries. Rosen had 2 rushing touchdowns, 26 passing touchdowns, 10 picks, and threw for 3,717 yards, although he did run for -97 yards. Keep in mind he only played in 11 games this season. Like Sam Darnold, Rosen's stats are lacking but again he seems like a very NFL ready quarterback.

My Draft analysis: He can throw long and accurately, he may have a big problem in that he cannot make plays with his legs but that shouldn't make a difference with the Colts.

NFL Comparison: Carson Palmer

4th overall: San Fransico 49ers:

Mike McGlinchey, OT Notre Dame
Mike McGlinchey, OT Notre Dame

Mike McGlinchey

At 6 foot 8 inches and 315 pounds Mike is probably the best offensive lineman in the NFL Draft this year. While the 49ers may need a quarterback I feel like they may tryout Jimmy G for a year or two until they make a decision on if they will bet on him or not. But right now they absolutely need offensive lineman, with the future of Joe Staley and their offensive line overall uncertain, the 49ers need a lineman and Mike McGlinchey is obviously the best offensive lineman in this years NFL Draft.

My Draft analysis: He's a big guy that can block.

NFL Comparison: Orlando Pace

5th overall: Denver Broncos select:

Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma
Baker Mayfield, QB Oklahoma

Baker Mayfield

Most mock drafts have the Broncos taking a wide receiver instead of a quarterback because John Elway likes veteran QBs like Tyrod Taylor or Kirk Cousins. But what wide receiver is worth taking with the fifth overall pick? But enough about Elway and the Broncos and let's get to Mayfield. I'm sure some of you will think I hate the guy, and I do, because of my love for Ohio State and my other article saying why Bryce Love should've won the Heisman. but it doesn't change the fact that Baker is a one of a kind quarterback that has a playing style that can only be match by Lamar Jackson. He's a duel threat quarterback that knows when the pass and when to run the ball, he can spot out the open man or run through the open lane for a 10 yard gain. He is 6 foot 1 inch and 220 pounds.

My Draft analysis: Granted he does rely on his tight ends to much but he is a very accurate quarterback that hits his man almost every time. He can make an 8 yard sack a 20 yard gain. Again, his only problem, which could be a big one, is that he relies on his tight ends too much and is used to making plays to taller receivers.

NFL Comparison: Russell Wilson

6th overall: Cleveland Browns select: (Pick traded from Houston Texans)

Joshua Jackson, CB Iowa
Joshua Jackson, CB Iowa

Joshua Jackson

With 7 interceptions and 2 pick-6s and 163 interception return yards, 47 total tackles, 18 passes defended, and a forced fumble Joshua Jackson is obviously the best point guard in the 2018 NFL Draft. At 6 foot 1 inch 192 pounds Joshua does have some work to do in the gym to build up his muscle but it doesn't change the fact that he has had back-to-back amazing games when he intercepted 3 passes against Ohio State and 2 interceptions that both went for touchdowns against Wisconsin, where he also had a forced fumble. Also, remember that passes defended does NOT count interceptions, picks are counted as their own stat I don't get why but they are. So that means he technically had 25 passes defended. But even without his interceptions counted in, Joshua was second in passes defended this year, second to only Nick Nelson with 20 but no interceptions.

My Draft analysis: What is there to say about him? He has allowed a 59.2 passer rating when opposing quarterbacks throw his way. His only flaw, that can be fixed easily, is that he needs more muscle. And honestly, not that much more.

NFL Comparison: Rod Woodson/Night Train Lane

7th overall: Chicago Bears select:

Courtland Sutton, WR SMU
Courtland Sutton, WR SMU

Courtland Sutton

Sutton may come from a weak conference but I still think he is the best wide receiver in the draft this year. In his sophomore year he had 76 receptions, 1,246 receiving yards, and 10 touchdowns. But in his Junior year he took a slight step down, or up it's debatable, he had 62 receptions, 1,017 receiving yards, 10 receiving touchdowns, 2 rushing yards for 1 carry and a touchdown. He's a very consistent wide receiver that puts up good numbers game after game, he had 6 games with 100+ receiving yards and, in the second game of the season, he had 8 receptions, 163 receiving yards, and 4 receiving touchdowns. He is 6 foot 4 inches and 215 pounds.

My Draft analysis: He's a mix of a redzone threat and catch in traffic type wide receiver, but he can also be deadly in open space. Although, I would put him as mainly a redzone threat, he can catch in single or double traffic and is easily the best wide receiver in college football right now.

NFL Comparison: Larry Fitzgerald

8th overall: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select:

Bryce Love, RB Stanford
Bryce Love, RB Stanford

Bryce Love

As I put in one of my previous articles, I think Bryce Love should've won the Heisman this year. He had 2,006 all purpose yards, 1,973 rushing yards and 17 rushing touchdowns on 8.3 yards per carry. He's 5 foot 10 inches and 196 pounds, he is obviously under sized but I'm sure he can easily get that up with a few trips to McDonalds and then the gym.

My Draft analysis: He can easily spot the open pocket and run straight through it, he is one of the fastest running backs in the country, he can power through defenders and is light on his feet as well as easily able to make a juke to the right of left. He breaks tackles like college Adrian Peterson, although his play style is more of a Emmitt Smith or LaDainian Tomlinson. Personally, whoever drafts will probably become my second favorite team. I'm saying that because if the Eagles draft him I don't want anyone to call me a bandwagon.

NFL Comparison: LaDainian Tomlinson

9th overall: Cincinnati Bengals select:

Billy Price, C Ohio State
Billy Price, C Ohio State

Billy Price

Billy Price is probably the best center in college football right now, skill wise and definitely if you're considering the fact that he is obviously the most durable player in the country right now. He's played 52 consecutive games and started in all of them, which is an Ohio State school record. In his career he has allowed under 10 sacks and allowed only 2 last season. Billy has been Ohio State's unspoken captain, he makes clutch blocks like when he was the lead blocker in Ezekiel Elliot's 85 yard touchdown run in the 2015 Sugar Bowl against Alabama.

My Draft analysis: At 6 foot 4 inches and 312 pounds, Billy Price is one hell of a player. He's reliable when it comes to injuries and skill wise he's amazing. He can get to the line quickly and can get off the line and make a forceful impact block right off the line.

NFL Comparison: Jeff Saturday

10th overall: New York Jets select:

Mason Rudolph, QB Oklahoma State
Mason Rudolph, QB Oklahoma State

Mason Rudolph

The Jets need a QB, with their only even slightly decent one very old they need a fresh player. Mason Rudolph led college football in passing yards and threw 35 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions. The good thing is that he does it consistently, he has had 4000 passing yards and 25+ touchdown passes in his past two seasons. He is 6 foot 5 inches and 230 pounds.

My Draft analysis: Like most of the QBs in this mock draft so far Mason Rudolph can't run the ball very well, this year he had 56 carries for 32 yards, although he did have 10 rushing touchdowns yards is what tells the true story about Mason. But he does have the build to be an NFL type quarterback.

NFL Comparison: Peyton Manning

11th overall: Washington Redskins select:

James Washington, WR Oklahoma State
James Washington, WR Oklahoma State

James Washington

by far the best deep threat in college football this year, but of course the number one thing is consistency, and he has it. James' past three years all have 1000+ receiving yards and 10 plus receiving touchdowns. He's fast, he can catch in traffic with ease, and he has eyes for the ball.

My Draft analysis: He can grab the ball out of the year with a hand in his face, he can outrun his defenders with ease and is a mix of a catch in traffic and speed wide receiver types. He has the build for the NFL with 6 feet tall and 205 pounds.

12th overall: Arizona Cardinals select:

Luke Falk, QB Washington State
Luke Falk, QB Washington State

Luke Falk

Luke is consistent, which is one of the most important things when it comes to quarterbacks. Of course this year he had 3500 passing yards and 30 passing touchdowns along with 13 picks while the last two years he had 4400+ passing yards and 38 touchdowns and 11 picks in both years. Also, with the way the NFL is moving where quarterbacks run a lot more Luke doesn't fit in, but Bruce Arians does think he will fit. Bruce is a pocket passing coach, therefore Luke would be perfect for the Cardinals. Or course I would rather have Lamar Jackson but only slightly, and I wouldn't be surprised if Luke falls down this far because he is going pretty much un noticed.

My Draft analysis: At 6 foot 4 inches and 223 pounds, Luke does have the build to become a decent running quarterback and the ability to deal with the physicality of the NFL. Luke is a great pocket passer that only has to work a bit more on his passing awareness, he has thrown 10+ picks, but no more than 13, in all of his last three seasons. Of course throwing interceptions is the biggest problem a quarterback can have, but Luke is a quarterback that has huge potential and I tell that he cna definitely be something huge in the NFL.

NFL Comparison: Joe Montana


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